Sharyn Clough, Ph.D. 
Professor of Philosophy

School of History, Philosophy, and Religion
Milam Hall 306c
Oregon State University

Corvallis, OR 97331

sharyn.clough at
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Director Undergraduate Studies,
Come see me for advising!
Drop-in office hours
M-W 2-2:50 PM
Fri 11- noon

Phronesis Lab:
Experiments in Engaged Ethics


Research and Curriculum Vitae
(includes links to published essays)
     Intellectual Heroes     
Past Syllabi:        

Phl 470/570 Philosophy of Science       
Phl 436/536 Philosophy and Religion       
 Phl 407/507 Seminar:
Feminism, Knowledge, & Science       
Phl 321 Symbolic Deductive Logic       
Phl 301 History of Western Philosophy: Ancient Greeks       
Phl 251 Knowers, Knowing, Known       
Phl 160 World Religions       



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