Boomerang DNA Amplification

Boomerang DNA Amplification (BDA) (U.S. Patent #5,470,724) is a single-primer method for amplifying DNA fragments invented by Kevin Ahern. Many people have compared it to the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) because, like PCR, BDA amplifies DNA sequences through thermocycling. Since the BDA process requires only one primer though, I believe it is fundamentally different. The process has an unusual history since I invented it in late 1991. The method was written up in the Sept. 1995 issue of TIBS, and further information can be obtained there. On these pages, I list the text of the patent as it was issued and all of the figures therein. Viewers should realize that there may be typographical errors since the patent text was scanned and then "read" by OCR. If you spot errors, please let me know and I will correct them. If you are interested in obtaining an official copy of the patent, please contact:

Mr. William Hostetler
Technology Transfer
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331
541-737 3439

In the interest of limiting page sizes, I have broken the patent into four parts, and list all of the figures separately as well. If you have questions about parameters of the BDA process, please feel free to contact me at, but before doing so, please read the History of BDA page.

History of BDA
General Diagram of Process
Frequently Asked Questions about BDA

Patent Part I (Introduction)
Patent Part II (Detailed Description)
Patent Part III (Examples)
Patent Part IV (Claims)
Patent Figure 1 (Prior Art)
Patent Figure 2A and 2B (BDA Apapters)
Patent Figure 2C
Patent Figure 3A
Patent Figure 3B
Patent Figure 3C
Patent Figure 3D
Patent Figure 4
Patent Figure 5A
Patent Figure 5B
Patent Figure 5C
Patent Figure 6
Patent Figure 7
Patent Figure 8
Patent Sequence Listing Page 1
Patent Sequence Listing Page 2
Patent Sequence Listing Page 3
Patent Sequence Listing Page 4
Patent Sequence Listing Page 5
Patent Sequence Listing Page 6


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