The Christian Church Records

The following is a series of excerpts from the Fowler Christian Church record. It was generously provided by Norman and Marilyn Wittler. I have tried to copy everything verbatim from the book, including the misspelled words. In some cases the handwriting was difficult to read, and I marked these points with question marks. All of my other notes are written in italic.

We whose names are hereinto subscribed having confessed our faith in the Lorde Jesus Christ and having been baptized in his name do here by form ourselves into a congregation to be known and designated the Church of Christ at Fowler, Ill. that we may more effectualy assist one another in the work of faith and labor of love and patience of hope in out Lord Jesus Christ that we may the better know our divine master by keeping all the institutions of his house. We agree to take the word of God for our only rule of faith and practice and discipline obaying all of his commandments and abjecting all human creeds and confeshions of faith

Fowler Ill. January 6th 1861

On Page 41, the first minutes of the church are recorded

Broth Black commensed Preaching for the church at Fowler in Feb. 1874 and preached one half of his time five and 1/2 month and retured receiving 15 dollars for the salary.
Brother Eiba (???) Brawer (?) was employed by the church for the 1/4 of his time commencing the second lord's day in November at a salary of 16 2/3 dollars per mo. During the meeting one confeshian and baptism.
Brother Brawer's second Lord's day Dec. and Saturday Evening previous if you be there risen with Christ Secke (?) than thing should Lord's day at 11 oclock. Come unto me all that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest evening.
Lord's Day evening the view life ramars (?) 6 (?) chate (?) Monday evening Broth Maupin (?) preached on the first parible utered by Christ building a house and closed 2 confeshians during the meeting.
Brother Cassel commenced a meeting September 1st/75 (?) which continued 1 month with success. Three by letter eight by confession one by application.
Brother Johnson commenced preaching as regular preacher August, 2nd lord's day 1875 and continued so for 11 months
E. B. Redd was employed by this congregation one half of his time (unreadable word). The first and third lordsdays in each month for one year beginning the first lordsday in Sep. 1882 at a sal of $350.00.
Brother redd began a meeting with the church on Sunday the 19th day of Nov. 82 (?) and continued from day to day until Sunday Dec. 3rd first week. Weather good, audience reasonably large and interest good, second week weather very unfavorable, but interest reasonably good. results

Dec. 17, 1882
Business Meeting
Bro. E. B. Redd chairman elect stated the object of the meeting was the election of officers.
Brethren Reynolds, Stewart, E.B. Redd, Wm. Chase, and W. A. Waller were put in nomination for Elders.
Brethren Reynolds and Stewart receiving the highest number of all the votes cast were declared elected.
Nominations being then in order the names of W. H. Chase, W. A. Waller, and Bro Thompson were put in nomination as deacons. The first two reciving a majority of all the votes cast were accordingly elected.
After a few remarks benediction was pronounced and adjournment followed.

W. A. Waller Clerk Protem

Jan. 5, 1896

The Christian S.S. of Fowler was organized the first Sunday in January 1895 with the following persons in charge, Chas. Ballard, Supt.; Homer Robertson, Assistant; Emma Kendall, Secy.; Homer Robertson, Treas; Ida Stahl, Organist. G. W. Petrie was installed as teacher of the advanced class, Chas. Ballard the intermediate, and Ida Stahl the primary class. During the year the averag attendance was 22 and the average contribution was 25 cts. On the second Sunday in december, Ida Stahl, G.W. Petrie, and Homer Robertson were appointed as committee to nominate the officers for the coming year and the following sunday they reported as follows for Supt. Chas. Ballard: Asst. Supt., Bill Turpin; Sec. Emma Kendall; Treas. Homer Robertson; Organist, Ida Stahl. Who were all elected for the year 1896.
There was shown to be a debt of $2.33 cts owing to the Sunday School to be able to start free from debt. Homer Robertson pledged 78 cts. B.N. Trupin 70 cts, Emma Kendall 25 cts leaving 30 cts to be collected the next Sunday.

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