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Stevan J. Arnold


Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles

BA, U California, Berkeley 1966

PhD, U Michigan, Ann Arbor 1972



     E-Mail: arnolds@science.oregonstate.edu, Phone: 541-737-3705, FAX: 541-737-0501 

     Mailing Address: Department of Integrative Biology, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon 97331-2914.

COURSES TAUGHT (OSU: list and descriptions; Friday Harbor Labs: Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics).

AREAS OF RESEARCH: phenotypic evolution, quantitative genetics, sexual selection, sexual isolation, protein evolution, molecular systematics.

STATEMENT OF RESEARCH INTERESTS  (full length CV).  I am generally interested in evolutionary biology and especially in the evolution of phenotypic traits such as body size and sexually-dimorphic behaviors and structures. Much of my work is on theoretical aspects of phenotypic evolution, for example, the measurement of selection and the evolutionary stability of inheritance and mutational processes (see website with animations). My empirical work has been focused on the evolutionary ecology of garter snakes and on the evolution of sexual communication in salamanders (see website with courtship videos).



RESEARCH AND TRAINING SUPPORT (See CV for a list of grants and awards).


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REPRESENTATIVE RECENT PUBLICATIONS (Complete list + pdfs, Google Scholar, ResearchGate):

Hohenlohe, P. A. and S. J. Arnold.  2008.  MIPoD: a hypothesis-testing framework for microevolutionary inference from patterns of divergence.  The American Naturalist 171: 366-385.  pdf Appendix MIPoD software 

Arnold, S. J., R. Bürger, P. A. Hohenlohe, B. C. Ajie and A. G. Jones.  2008.   Understanding the evolution and stability of the G-matrix.  Evolution 62: 2451-2461. pdf spreadsheet   

Uyeda, J. C., S. J. Arnold, P. A. Hohenlohe, and L. S. Mead.  2009.  Drift promotes speciation by sexual selection.  Evolution 63: 583-594. pdf, Explications and simulation run examples, Supplementary appendix and tablesErrata

Hohenlohe, P. A. and S. J. Arnold. 2010.  The dimensionality of mate choice, sexual isolation and speciation.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A. 107: 16583-165588. pdf  Supplementary Material

Uyeda, J. C., T. F. Hansen, S. J. Arnold, and J. Pienaar.  2011. The million-year wait for macroevolutionary bursts.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A. 108: 15908-15913. pdf  Supplementary Material  

Miller, D. A., W. R. Clark, S. J. Arnold, and A. M. Bronikowski.  2011.  Stochastic population dynamics and life-history evolution in the western terrestrial garter snake. Ecology 92: 1658-1671. pdf

Jones, A. G., S. J. Arnold, R. Bürger, P. A. Hohenlohe, and J. C. Uyeda. 2012.  The effects of stochastic and episodic movement of the optimum on the evolution of the G-matrix and the response of the trait mean to selectionJournal of  Evolutionary Biology 25: 2210-2231. pdf

Losos, J. B., S. J. Arnold, G. Bejerano, E.D. Brodie III, D. Hibbett, H. E. Hoekstra, D. P. Mindell, A. Monteiro, C. Moritz, H. A. Orr, D. A. Petrov, S. S. Renner, R. E. Ricklefs, P. S. Soltis, and T. L. Turner.  2013.  Evolutionary biology for the 21st century. PLOS Biology 11(1): e1001466. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1001466. pdf  Supporting Information

Arnold, S. J. 2014. Phenotypic evolution: the ongoing synthesis.  The American Naturalist 183:729-746. pdf Appendix

Arnold, S. J. and L. D. Houck.  2016.  Can the Fisher-Lande process account for birds-of-paradise and other sexual radiations?  The American Naturalist 187: 717-735. pdf  Supplemental figures ppt

Arnold, S. J. , K. Kiemnec-Tyburczy, and L. D. Houck. 2017.  The evolution of courtship behavior in plethodontid salamanders, contrasting patterns of diversification and stasis.  Herpetologica 73: 190-205.  pdf Appendix S1 Appendix S2.

Wilburn, D. B., L. D. Houck, S. J. Arnold, P. W. Feldhoff, and R. C. Feldhoff.  2017.  Gene duplication, co-option, structural evolution, and phenotypic tango in plethodontid courtship pheromones.  Herpetologica 73:206-219. pdf


Newt World.- An outreach activity that is part of  Discovery Days at Oregon State University!

Intelligent Design and Evolutionary Biology: When Worlds Collide - 2005 Gilfillan Lecture at OSU

Mating Systems Evolution, ppt and parental table spreadsheet for a talk at a conference sponsored by the Wenner-Gren Foundation and the Swedish Academy of Science in Kristineberg, Sweden in 2007

Measuring Evolution, ppt for a talk at a workshop sponsored by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, October 2008, Oslo, Norway

Simulation Studies of G-matrix Stability and Evolution, ppt for a talk given at an ESI workshop sponsored by the Vienna Science and Technology Fund, July 2009, Vienna, Austria

Evolution Along Selective Lines of Least Resistance, ppt for talk at the August, 2009 ESEB meeting in Torino, Italy

Phenotypic Evolution: the Emergence of a New Synthesis, ppt for American Society of Naturalists Presidential Address, 9 July 2012, First Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology, Ottawa, Canada

A New Look at the Major Features of Evolution, Central African Biodiversity Alliance, Evening Speaker Series,  July, 2014, Yaounde, Cameroon

NIMBioS Tutorial on Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics, ppts, notes, videos, August, 2016, Knoxville, TN

Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics Workshop, Friday Harbor Labs, schedule of lectures and computer exercises, June, 2017, San Juan Islands, WA

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