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Chad Waluk
Senior Faculty Research Assistant

Chad is a  jack of all trades who makes sure the lab runs. He builds things, programs things, analyzes data, and participates in field efforts.


Mei Sato
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Mei is interested in the responses of animal behavior to biological and physical forcing across a range of temporal and spatial scales. Simultaneous quantification of biological and physical properties of the ocean is key to understanding the behavior of marine organisms. She works on interdisciplinary projects using a combination of acoustics, net sampling, and cabled observatories.






Prospective Students

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The research in my lab at Oregon State focuses on water-column ecology in both open and coastal marine environment. Students with an interest understanding ecological processes in the ocean at any trophic level are encouraged. Most of the work in my lab involves acoustical oceanographic techniques so students will need a solid background in physics. Computer programming skills are a plus.

For more information, see my letter to prospective students.


Pelagic Ecology Lab in Burt 328 (Wet lab in Burt 226)


Lab Alumni


David Cade
M.S. 2014

During his Master's work, Dave developed a method to mathematically define scattering layers and used that tool to examine relationships between the environment and these ecologically important features in the Gulf of California. He is currently a Ph.D. student at Stanford University.




Neal McIntosh
M.S. 2012, Faculty Research Assistant

Neal completed her Master's degree in our group studying the ecology of juvenile pollock in the Bering Sea. She then spent 6 months providing technical support for the group. She is currently working for Oregon's Department of Fisheries and Wildlife.


Amanda Kaltenberg
Ph.D, 2010, Post-Doctoral Researcher 2011

Amanda studied the ecological role of schooling fish and the dynamics of mysids off the Oregon coast. She is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Duke University Marine Laboratory.


Daniel Wisdom
Masters in Marine Resources Management, December 2008

Dan joined the lab in September of 2006. He used his engineering background to work on the development of a new sonar and to calibrate custom-built light meters. He used these new tools to address the role of light in fish behavior.