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  Predator guided sampling reveals biotic structure in the bathypelagic
2016 Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B, 283: 20152457 (Benoit-Bird, K.J., Southall, B., & Moline, M.A)
  Sensor Fusion and Autonomy as a Powerful Combination for Biological Assessment in the Marine Environment
2016 Robotics, 5: doi: 10.3390/robotics501000 (Moline, M.A. & Benoit-Bird, K.J.)
  Ecological insights from pelagic systems acquired using active acoustic techniques
2016 Annual Reviews of Marine Science,8:463-490 (Benoit-Bird, K.J. & Lawson, G.L.)
  Depths, migration rates and environmental associations of acoustic scattering layers in the Gulf of California
2015 Deep Sea Research, 102:78-89 (Cade, D.E. & Benoit-Bird, K.J.)
  An automatic and quantitative approach to the detection and tracking of acoustic scattering layers
Limnology and Oceanography Methods, 12:742-756 (Cade, D.E. & Benoit-Bird, K.J.)

Stratification and mixing regimes in biological thin layers over the Mid-Atlantic bight
2014, Limnology and Oceanography 59(4), 1349–1363 (Shroyer, E.L., Benoit-Bird, K.J., Nash, J.D., & Moum, J.M.)

  A critical time window for organismal interactions in a pelagic ecosystem
2014 PLoS ONE, 9(5): e97763. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0097763 (Benoit-Bird, K.J. & McManus, M.A.
  Foraging responses of black-legged kittiwakes to prolonged food-shortages around colonies in the Bering Sea Shelf
2014 PLoS ONE, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0092520 (Paredes, R., Orben, R.A., Irons, D.Bl, Roby, D.D., Harding, A.M.A, Young, R.C., Benoit-Bird, K.J., Ladd, C, Renner, C., Heppell, S., Phillips, R.A., Kitaysky, A. )
  A critical scale in plankton aggregations across coastal ecosystems
2013 Geophysical Research Letters 40:3968–3974. (Benoit-Bird, K.J., Shroyer, E., McManus, M.A.)
  Nested scales of spatial heterogeneity of juvenile walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) in the southeastern Bering Sea
2013 Marine Ecology Progress Series, In press DOI 10.3354/meps10319 (Benoit-Bird, K.J., McIntosh, N.M.*, & Heppell, S.A.)
  Extreme plasticity in life-history strategy of jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) allows a migratory predator to cope with El Niño
2013 Global Change Biology (Hoving, H.J., Gilly, W.F., Markaida, U, West-Brown, Z., Daniel, P., Campos, B., Benoit-Bird, K.J., and Li, B.)
  Comparisons of upper water column temperatures collected by ships and northern fur seals in the eastern Bering Sea
2013 Deep-Sea Research II, DOI 10.1016/j.dsr2.2013.03.022i (Nordstrom, C.A., Battaile, B.C., Benoit-Bird, K. J., & Trites, A.W.)
  Intra-patch size clustering in mysid aggregations revealed through multi-frequency acoustics
2013 ICES Journal of Marine Science doi:10.1093/icesjms/fst034 (Kaltenberg, A.M* & Benoit-Bird, K.J.)
  Foraging behavior of northern fur seals closely matches the hierarchical patch scales of prey
2013 Marine Ecology Progress Series, 479: 283-302 (Benoit-Bird, K.J., Battaile, B.C, Nordstrom, C.A., & Trites, A.W.)
  Prey patch patterns predict habitat use by top marine predators with diverse foraging strategies
2013 PLoS ONE, DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0053348 (Benoit-Bird, K.J., Battaile, B.C., Heppell, S.A., Hoover, B., Irons, D., Jones, N., Kuletz, K.J., Nordstrom, C.A., Paredes, R.A., Suryan, R.M., Waluk, C.M.,. Trites, A.W.)
  Shoreward pulses of cold, phytoplankton-rich waters off leeward Oahu, Hawaii
2012 Continental Shelf Research, DOI 10.1016/j.csr.2012.09.006 (Sevadjian, J.C., McManus, M.A., Benoit-Bird, K.J., & Selph, K.E.)
  Observations of Thin Layers in Coastal Hawaiian Waters
2012 Estuaries and Coasts, DOI 10.1007/s12237-012-9497-8 (McManus, M.A., Sevadjian, J.C., Benoit-Bird, K.J., Cheriton, O.M., Timmerman, A.V., & Waluk, C.M..)
  Coordinated nocturnal behavior of foraging jumbo squid, Dosidicus gigas
2012 Marine Ecology Progress Series, 443: 217-235 (Benoit-Bird, K.J. & Gilly, W.F.) 
  Bottom-up regulation of a pelagic community through spatial aggregations
2012 Biology Letters, Published online May 2, 2012 doi:10.1098/rsbl.2012.0232 (Benoit-Bird, K.J. & McManus, M.A.)
  Active acoustic examination of the diving behavior of murres foraging on patchy prey
2011 Marine Ecology Progress Series,443: 217-235 (Benoit-Bird, K.J. & Kuletz, K., Heppell, S, Jones, N., Hoover, B.)
  Timing of forage fish seasonal appearance in the Columbia River plume and linkage to ocean conditions
2010 Kaltenberg, A.M.*, Emmett, R., Benoit-Bird, K.J. Marine Ecology Progress Series, Vol. 419: 171–184.
  Zooplankton avoidance of a profiled open-path fluorometer.
2010 Journal of Plankton Research, published online May 6. (Benoit-Bird, K.J., Moline, M.A., Schofield, O.M., Robbins, I.C, Waluk, C.M.)
  Layered organization in the coastal ocean: An introduction to planktonic thin layers and the LOCO project
2010. Continental Shelf Research, 30 :1-6 (Sullivan, J.M., McManus, M.A., Cheriton, O.M., Benoit-Bird, K.J., Goodman, L., Wang, Z., Ryan, J.P.,  Stacey, M., Holliday, D.V., Greenlaw, C., Moline, M.A,. & McFarland, M.)
  Integrated measurements of acoustical and optical thin layers II: Critical horizontal length scales
2010 Continental Shelf Research, 30: 29-38 (Moline, M.A., Benoit-Bird, K.J., Robbins, I.C.)
  Integrated measurements of acoustical and optical thin layers I: Vertical scales of association
2010. Continental Shelf Research, 30: 17-28 (Benoit-Bird, K.J., Moline, M.A., Waluk, C.M, Robbins, I.C.)
  Dynamic three-dimensional structure of zooplankton thin layers is affected by foraging fish
2009 Marine Ecology Progress Series 396: 61–76 (Benoit-Bird, K.J.)
* Download the supplementary movie file (.wmv)
  Using active acoustics to compare predator-prey behavior of two marine mammal species
2009 Marine Ecology Progress Series, 395:119-135. (Benoit-Bird, K.J., Dahood, AD, & Wursig, B)
  Diel behavior of sardine and anchovy schools in the California Current System
2009 Marine Ecology Progress Series, 384: 247-262 (Kaltenberg, A.M.* & Benoit-Bird, K.J.)
  Nocturnal light and lunar cycle effects on diel migration of micronekton
2009 Limnology and Oceanography 54: 1789-1800 (Benoit-Bird, K.J., Au, W.W.L., Wisdom, D.W.*)
  Edge gradients provide evidence of ecological interactions in planktonic thin layers. Limnology and Oceanography
2009.54: 1382-1392 (Benoit-Bird, K. J., T. J. Cowles, and C. E. Wingard)
  Effects of scattering layer composition, animal size, and numerical density on the frequency response of volume backscatter
2009 ICES Journal of Marine Science, 66: 582-593 (Benoit-Bird, K.J.)
  Cooperative prey herding by a pelagic dolphin, Stenella longirostris
2009 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 125: 539-546 (Benoit-Bird, K.J. & Au, W.W.L.)
* Download the supplementary top view, side view, and 3D view movie files and the captions for these animations
  Phonation behavior of cooperatively foraging spinner dolphins
2009 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 125: 125-137 (Benoit-Bird, K.J. & Au, W.W.L.)
  Zooplankton spatio-temporal distributions in Hawaiian waters favor diel horizontal migration by midwater micronekton
2008 Marine Ecology Progress Series,367:109-123 (Benoit-Bird, K.J., Zirbel, M.J., & McManus, M.A.)
  Behavior exceeds physical forcing in the diel horizontal migration of a midwater sound-scattering layer in Hawaiian waters
2008 Marine Ecology Progress Series, 365: 91–101 (McManus, M.A., Benoit-Bird K.J., & Woodson, C.B.)
  Broadband backscatter from individual Hawaiian mesopelagic boundary community animals with implications for spinner dolphin foraging
2008 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 123:2884-2894 (Au, W.W.L. & Benoit-Bird, K.J.)
  Controlled and in situ target strengths of the jumbo squid Docidicus gigas and identification of potential acoustic scattering sources
2008 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 123:1318-1328 (Benoit-Bird, K.J., Gilly, W.F, Au, W.W.L, & Mate, B.)
*Read the article from NSF's LiveScience and OSU's Terra Magazine
  Modeling the detection range of fish by echolocating bottlenose dolphins and harbor porpoises
2007Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 121:3954-3962 (Au, W.W.L, Benoit-Bird, K.J, & Kastelein, R.A.)
  Extreme diel horizontal migrations by a tropical nearshore resident micronekton community
2006 Marine Ecology Progress Series, 319: 1-14 (Benoit-Bird, K.J. & Au, W.W.L.)
  Acoustic radiation from the head of echolocating harbor porpoises (Phocoena phocoena)
2006 Journal of Experimental Biology, 209:2726-2733 (Au, W.W.L., Kastelein, R.A., Benoit-Bird, K.J., Cranford, T. & McKenna, M.)
  Testing the acoustic prey debilitation hypothesis: No stunning results
2006 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 120: 1118-1123 (Benoit-Bird, K.J., Au, W.W.L. & Kastelein, R.A.)
  Fine-scale diel migration dynamics of an island-associated sound-scattering layer
2004 Deep-Sea Research I, 51: 707-719 (Benoit-Bird, K.J. & Au, W.W.L.)
* Download the supplementary movie file
  Dusky dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obscurus) foraging in two different habitats: Active acoustic detection of dolphins and their prey
2004 Marine Mammal Science, 20: 215-231 (Benoit-Bird, K.J., Würsig, B., & McFadden, C.J.)
  Acoustic backscattering by Hawaiian lutjanid snappers II: Broadband temporal and spectral structure
2003 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 114: 2767-2774 (Au, W.W.L. & Benoit-Bird, K.J.)
  Acoustic backscattering by Hawaiian lutjanid snappers I: Target strength and swimbladder characteristics
2003 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 114: 2757-2766 (Benoit-Bird, K.J., Au, W.W.L., & Kelley, C.D.)
  Echo strength and density structure of Hawaiian mesopelagic boundary community patches
2003 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 114: 1888-1897 (Benoit-Bird, K.J. & Au, W.W.L.)
  Spatial dynamics of a nearshore micronekton sound-scattering layer
2003 ICES Journal of Marine Science, 60:899-913 (Benoit-Bird, K.J. & Au, W.W.L.)
  Dynamic gain control in the echolocation system of dolphins
2003 Nature, 423:861-863 (Au, W. & Benoit-Bird, K.J.)
* Covered in Nature's News and Views
  Prey dynamics affect foraging by a pelagic predator (Stenella longirostris) over a range of spatial and temporal scales
2003 Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 53:364-373 (Benoit-Bird, K.J. & Au, W.W.L.)
  Acoustic backscattering by deepwater fish measured in situ from a manned submersible
2003 Deep-Sea Research I, 50: 221-229 (Benoit-Bird, K.J., Au, W.W.L., Kelley, C.D., Taylor, C.D.)
  Energy: Converting from acoustic to biological resource units
2002 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 111: 2070-2075 (Benoit-Bird, K.J. & Au, W.W.L.)
  Target strength measurements of animals from the Hawaiian mesopelagic boundary community
2001 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 110:812-819.(Benoit-Bird, K.J. & Au, W.W.L.)
  Diel horizontal migration of the Hawaiian mesopelagic boundary community observed acoustically
2001 Marine Ecology Progress Series, 217:1-14 (Benoit-Bird, K.J. Au, W.W.L., Brainard, R.E., & Lammers, M.O.)
    *student advisee author