Trang (Nguyen) Dang

I graduated from Virginia Tech with a B.Sc. in Biology in 2008. As an undergraduate I worked in a variety of scientific settings to further explore the natural world. Upon graduating, I joined the Invertebrate Zoology department to work on the collections of the US Antarctic Program at the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum. Although I very much enjoyed handling ancient museum specimens, the urge to conduct research in a natural environment grew. I got my first taste of field work as a refuge volunteer with the US Fish and Wildlife Service on Midway Atoll. My foray into wildlife disease started here; while monitoring the local Laysan duck colony I also caught and rehabilitated individuals infected with botulism. This interest led to the next adventure working with a Lyme disease lab at the University of Pennsylvania where I was involved in a project which studied the ecology of Lyme disease and host-parasite interactions. Aside from losing my fear of ticks, I discovered how elegantly complex and fascinating infectious disease research can be.


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