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Highway 1, otherwise known as the Ring Road, makes a loop around the whole country. This section wasn't finally completed until 1974, because Iceland has a volcanic eruption about every 5 years and this area had been covered by volcanic debris, and likely would be covered again. In 1996, it happened when the subglacial Lake Grímsvötn in Vatnajökull glacier filled with melt water after a volcanic eruption. The resulting jökulhlaup, as the flood is called, poured out 45,000 tons per second of water, icebergs and volcanic material, at its peak for over 48 hours, covering Skeidarársandur, the vast plain of volcanic sands between the glacier and the ocean. No one was hurt because they knew the flood would come. That flood took out the Ring Road and its bridges, which is commemorated at this top.