April 25, 2006

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by Christy

Anders is 1 year old! He had 2 birthday parties, 1 in Devils Lake with his dear family and another in Minneapolis with his dear friends. On his birthday, the 16th, we took him to the MN Zoo to see the "farm babies" because he loves animals. He got a kick out of the goats (not literally, thankfully). Unfortunately, none of the other farm babies could come out to play, but we could look at them. The only other option was the piggies, and they were taking a nap with their mamma. He had fun at the rest of the zoo too, we saw the tigers, monkeys, birds and fish.

Anders is busy walking like a pro. He wants to run sometimes, but usually gets tripped up. His only word so far is "ball," but he will imitate lots of sounds. He is doing great with his "more" sign at the dinner table. He is so sophisticated now, he asks for "more," but he is clearly thinking of something specific that he wants. I show him each of the options that are at the table, and he shakes his head "no" to things he doesn't want and finally points when I offer the thing he does want. It is satisfying to communicate with him and see more of the budding personality inside of him.

I am busy working 20 hours a week at Farmers' Legal Action Group. I go into work for 1 day a week and work at home the rest of the time. It is satisfying to come home to Anders and Ted after work, it is so fun to see them. I actually feel energized when I get home.

Ted's job situation is still not decided. He has offers from U of TX at Austin, Michigan Tech in Houghton, and NTNU in Trondheim, Norway (the place we lived when Anders was born). On top of that, Oregon State University has contacted him again about a possible interview. It's a tough situation because we should make a decision fairly quickly, but Oregon State is very appealing and we don't want to lose the opportunity to check it out. More news to come in the near future.

Some movies:
Anders visits the goats at the Minnesota Zoo.
Anders squeals with laughter as we get him all wound up before bed.
Christy coaxes "papa" out of Anders.

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