January 23, 2006

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by christy

Anders is a busy 9 month old, learning new things everyday. Only one tooth has come through, seems like he is always teething lately but no new ones have popped up. He is eating regular meals with us now and can pick up food off of his tray to feed himself. He is a huge avocado fan. He is also great at clearing off everything on his tray by dropping each piece of food on the floor when he decides that he is done. Maiko doesn't help with clean-up, but she did catch a mouse last week, so she is finally earning her keep around here. Anders adores Maiko and chases after her whenever he can, I found them both under the kitchen table one day, I guess Maiko found out that the little person can fit under there too. Thankfully, she is very tolerant of his attention.

We spend most of our time upstairs in our carpeted and baby-proofed room. Anders methodically pulls all of the toys off of the shelves and scatters them about on the floor. A sure way for me to get some study time while he is playing is to neatly put everything on the shelves, and he makes it his duty to clear them off for the next half hour. He will open books and talk and point at pictures on his own. He has some balls that he chases around the room like a cat--he gives it a little push and crawls after it, hitting it again and crawling after it some more. It is nice that he is able to entertain himself a bit, and we have fun playing or reading books together too.

Now that Anders is such a super crawler, he isn't actively trying to walk much. He stands up all the time and has no problem getting back to the ground when he wants to get somewhere, and is easily "cruising" around by hanging on to furniture while he walks. He can stand for 10-20 seconds unassisted, but it is when he has something in his hands that he is really interested in, so he doesn't even realize that he isn't hanging on. One of these days he will take some steps, whenever he is ready.

Even though I did finish law school last month, I am still studying, this time for the bar exam in February. It's about as fun as it sounds. I'm counting down the days until it is over and I'm finally done with tests. For now, I'm really enjoying being home with Anders.

Here is a movie of Anders showing off his skills: click here
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