March 18, 2006

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by Ted

It has been a busy few months here in Mpls. I am in the middle of a search for faculty positions. In late February I had an interview with Michigan Tech in Houghton, Michigan. I think the interview went pretty well, especially considering that both Christy and I suffered from likely food poisoning just after we arrived. That was no fun, to say the least, but we were able to recover and salvage the visit. Everyone there treated us very well. It is a rural area for sure, and we are bit nervous about that, but there are a good deal many great things about it too. We'll just have to wait and see if they make an offer and go from there. In a few weeks I have another interview at the University of Texas at Austin, which in terms of population and climate, is about the polar opposite of Houghton.

Regardless of how the interviews turn out, it is, in a way, an honor to even be invited, as usually there can be 100 or more applicants for a faculty position, and they usually invite only the top three for an interview.

Anders is doing very well. He is just starting to walk, though he still prefers to crawl. His top teeth are just starting to break through too. We are also trying to teach him a bit of sign language. He says "more" (tapping his right hand pointer finger into his left palm) when his tray is empty at meals. At first I think he just did it because it got a big reaction out of us, but I think he is starting to grasp its meaning.

Some videos:
Anders takes a few steps.
Anders delights in watching mom dance.
Anders gets a good tickling.
Anders dishes out a good tickling.

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