November 27, 2005

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by christy

Fall has finally started to give way to winter, now that it is late November. We had a busy last month, with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and our school and work. Anders has had a very busy last month, learning all kinds of new tricks. He is a pre-toddler now, not just our little baby. These last few weeks he has been adding all kinds of new skills, including blowing raspberries, crawling, pulling up on furniture, and walking with assistance! He wants to be vertical whenever possible, pulling up on everything in sight, especially your hands if you are nearby. And now he loves to take steps while standing. He even stood by himself for a few seconds last weekend. Our little guy is growing up so fast!

Finals are coming up for me in a few weeks, so the countdown to the end of law school is on! Time is short, so I will let the pictures tell the story of our month. Keep in touch!

IMG_3375.JPG IMG_3381.JPG IMG_3384.JPG
IMG_3386.JPG IMG_3395.JPG IMG_3400.JPG
IMG_3407.JPG IMG_3408.JPG IMG_3409.JPG
IMG_3413.JPG BrekkenFam1 IMG_3422.JPG
IMG_3425.JPG IMG_3426.JPG IMG_3432.JPG
IMG_3433.JPG IMG_3435.JPG Park2
IMG_3439.JPG IMG_3444.JPG IMG_3453.JPG