December 3, 2006

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by christy

I had better start with news of our upcoming trip--we are going to Norway on Saturday! Ted found out about a wave energy conference and signed right up. When we were discussing the possibility of going, Ted said "well, I'm going no matter what, the question is whether you and Anders are going." Anders and I couldn't miss out on this trip, so we made our plans. We are so excited to be in Trondheim again and visit our wonderful friends, and meet our new friends--Trond and Annie have a daughter named Hanna, and Marta and Giuseppe have a new daughter named Virginia. Both will be about 7 months old when we meet them. We never thought we would get to go back to Trondheim so soon. It is also a fantastic work opportunity for Ted, so we are all looking forward to it.

Our November was pleasant, but quite rainy. It is definitely winter here (although today we have some sunny blue skies), and you can see that we even had some snow! It was a welcome sight to these Midwestern eyes. The biggest development in our lives is that Heather and I are trading daycare time thoughout the week. I'm picking up Henry after a half day at his daycare center on 3 days (so we have him 1.5 days per week total), and Heather is watching Anders all day on Wednesday and a half day on Friday. It has been fun to have Henry around, and very nice for me to have some time alone to work on my various projects or run errands. Anders and Henry really adore each other too and are getting along really well. They have a little competition over toys like any toddlers, but they are very sweet to each other and have such fun.

Anders is still swimming like a fish. We are in Water Kids now, which is for toddlers and focuses more on swimming skills and less on songs. He starting to be able to backfloat all by himself with me touching his head and singing for reassurance, but the last few times we have been swimming he doesn't want to go on his back at all. I'm not sure what that is all about, but he is really enjoying swimming on his stomach now. He will also fearlessly throw himself under the water, mostly by stepping off the last step where he can touch. I let him wiggle around down there for a bit then bring him up, and he is smiling all the while. We will keep doing lessons so that he can learn how to swim and get a breath himself. One 2.5 year old boy in our class can swim across the pool on his stomach, lifting his head for a breath when he needs it. Amazing.

We also had a nice long Thanksgiving weekend. We spent Wednesday night and Thursday morning with Annette's family (Ted's collegue) at their ocean house. Anders had fun playing with their daughters, Sydney, 7.5 years old, and Naiya, who is 5. We also got some winter beach time. We appreciate their hospitality and are glad to get to know them better.

We hope to connect with as many of our friends and family as possible over our holiday travels. We will be in Minneapolis on Dec. 8-9, 21-22, and Jan. 2-3. We will be in Devils Lake from Dec. 23 to Jan. 2. Please contact us to make a plan for a visit--and we will be doing the same!

Anders jumps into the pool.
More swimming.
Anders and papa play pattycake.
Anders and Henry bursting with energy.

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