Anders is 2 years old!

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by mamma

Anders is a thriving 2 year old. We had his 2 year checkup today, and he weighed in at 34 pounds (over 100th percentile) and 36 inches (90th percentile). He has a little belly now, but he'll probably have a growth spurt anyday and get taller again. He's a happy and healthy boy.

Anders is doing so many things these days. Physically, he walks, runs, kicks, pedals a trike, climbs stairs and ladders with ease, and anything else he can get himself up on. He has been getting into his carseat "all by self," showing off his toddler independence. As you can see in the video, he took to his tee ball set right away, and can put the tee together, put the ball on, and hit the ball. Pretty good. He's great at throwing, but still needs to work on his catching skills. Oh, and did I mention that he is potty trained!

He is talking like crazy too, with lots of whole sentences. The night of his birthday he was very sweet. I was holding him in my lap and asked for a kiss, and right away he said no, as usual (but he always give me a kiss when I stop pleading for it). I was talking quietly to him, feeling sentimental about his birthday, and he said "Mamma sad. Mamma need kiss." Then, as usual for a bedtime kiss, he reached behind my neck and pulled me down to plant a big kiss on me. It was so sweet. Then he usually want a hug too. He is generous with hugs, with everybody's hugs. If Ted is still here in the morning after Henry arrives, Anders wants Henry to get a good-bye hug and kiss from Ted too. And he always makes sure that I get my good-bye hug and kiss from pappa.

Anders is really getting into imaginative play now, which is very fun. The first time he did it, he was riding his trike on the driveway and I was sitting on a chair watching him. He kept asking me for "money," and I kept telling him I didn't have any. Finally I pretended to put some in his hand, and he ran off and pretend put it on his trike. He did that several times, and I provided commentary like "where are you going? Vegas?" and finally I said "at least bring me back a coffee and a scone." I could hear him muttering "coffee, scone" on his way back to the bike, and he brought me a pretend coffee and scone! Since then he has used the mailbox at the end of the block as the "store," so we walk down there and he "buys" whatever he wants, mostly applejuice, soymilk, muffins, and cookies. His aunts gave him play food, kitchen and grocery store stuff for his birthday, much to his delight. We've been shopping, cooking and feeding Baby (and ourselves) all week. When he got the little pans with the whisk and spoon, he started stirring right away. That's my boy.

We had a big boy birthday bash with the 3 musketeers last weekend. Atticus turned 2 on the 14th, the day of the party, and Anders was right behind on the 16th. Henry's birthday is in early May, so we celebrated for all of the boys together. Sara (Atticus's mom) got a pinata for the party, and we predicted that the destruction of the pinata might be hard on the boys. After taking turns wacking on it themselves, they were quite distressed when the adults got their turn and donkey parts started flying off. We quickly decided to just open it up and get out the goodies, rather than tramatize them with the carnage. They were delighted with the raisin boxes, fruit bars and toys, even at the donkey's expense.

On Anders's birthday, Monday, we just had a little at-home party. We made homemade pizza and opened the presents that were left. The boys ran out of steam on the present opening on Saturday. They got involved with some of the things that they got and weren't interested in the other presents that were still wrapped. It worked out great for us, because we got another little party on Monday. I was a little concerned that Anders would expect presents every other day, but so far he hasn't been looking for any more. He has plenty of new things to keep him busy.

My friend from law school, Kathryn, came for a visit this weekend too. We had some nice girl-time out. Went to the wine bar on Friday and did some shopping Saturday morning. It was fun, and Ted was a great sport for taking Anders for all of that time. Kathryn was a big help at the party too, with lots of cooking to do while parents were supervising their busy kids. It was great to see her, and we thank her for the visit and hope she (and other friends) make it out for a visit again.

On Sunday we drove out to Alsea Falls, about 25 miles from Corvallis, but it took a lot longer to get there on the mountain roads than we expected, and the signs weren't very good. We forget about that stuff, being from the flat land. Eventually we found our destination, and it was worth it. It will be a beautiful place to camp this summer. The pictures pretty much tell the story, there isn't much I can say here to describe the scenery. Anders was a great sport, he hiked about 1 mile with us on his own, telling us when he had to go potty along the way! He got a ride on pappa's back for part of the way back, so that we could move a little faster. He is very good company. It was a great day for all of us.

Anders thanks Grandma GeeGee.
Anders shows off his baseball hitting skills.
Anders shows off his baseball catching skills (or lack thereof).

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