June 5, 2007

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by christy

The pictures tell the stories better than I, so I'll just give a rundown of what's been going on around here. We had a nice visit with Casie, Jen and Grandma Sheryl in May. I am now on the board of our local Co-op, so I went to a training at the end of April in Seattle, so we had a nice trip there for a weekend. We've also started our summer camping season, and took Anders out for a camping trip for the first time. It was a lot of fun, and he was a very good sport.

On the work-front, I've officially joined the Agricultural and Resource Economics department for next year. I'm going to have my own office, which I am most excited about! Normally, grad students share tiny offices crammed full of desks, but I asked for my own office because I will be teaching 2 classes per year, so they put me in my own office on the same floor as the professors. Awesome.

Anders has been hitting his 2-year old stride. He is getting more independent, talking in sentences, but has been struggling with controlling his big emotions and frustrations. He is getting bossy, and has definite ideas about how things are to be done. Sometimes he decides he wants to read a story to me, and orders me to lay down on the floor while he reads (for the record, I don't make him lay on the floor while I read!) His imagination is really taking off too. One night at dinner, after he spent the day with Heather and Henry, he told us that they went to a restaurant with a green couch and a little potty, and he went to the big potty in the bathroom. We couldn't think of where they could have gone, and Heather said that they had just went to Atticus's house for the morning, not to a restaurant. He was able to remember the colors of everyone's bike helmets while we were at the dinner table too, so that's both proof of his good memory, and that he has some grip on reality! He really is a good sport with lots of energy, so even though we've been dealing with more emotional flare-ups, he is a lot of fun.

This week and next I am finishing up the class that I am taking, then Anders and I are off to Minneapolis and ND for a visit. Ted will be joining us in Minneapolis as well for a week-long conference at the U of M. We look forward to visiting with everyone!

Movie: Anders enjoys a spot of tea.

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