November 7, 2007

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by Christy

Time for an update. We've been busy with fall quarter and haven't found much time to update the website, the time is flying. We've had many busy weekends of travelling around Oregon, as you will see from the pictures. Ted gives a presentation about wave power and had many requests this fall. He is always much appreciated by his audiences.

Anders grows bigger and is more of a little boy everyday. We can't even call him a little boy, he prefers to be called a big boy. He still has playtime during the week with his old pal Henry, and has now added a day a week with Atticus as well. They are having a good time together. There is also a little girl friend in the mix now, McKenzie, who we see at the park from time to time and we saw on Halloween.

One of Anders favorite games now is to play mamma and baby animals. Sometimes we are mamma bird and baby bird, sometimes puppies, lions, you name it. One weekend we were taking a walk and he turned to me and said, "you the mamma slug and I the baby slug." My kneejerk response is "ok baby slug" and Ted and I started laughing. Never thought that would come out of my mouth!

He likes to play a game where we hide under the blankets and pretend that something scary is outside. Ted said, "shh, I think I hear a moose." Usually Anders says, "it's a friendly moose" but that time he did look concerned, and said, "no, that's just the pan warming up." We went though several times how it wasn't a moose (or a lion, or a dolphin, etc.) and Anders said it was a pan warming up. Then we asked him, "what are you scared of?" and he said, "the pan." We cracked up, and he might not have realized why it was funny, but he had fun laughing with us.

He is learning so much so fast. He knows some of the days of the week, can reliably count things if he takes the time to do it (if he doesn't take the time, he just counts to 7 fast and says there are 7), can retell stories from books, knows his right from his left (or as he says, his "wrong" foot), all kinds of things. He still says "last day" instead of "yesterday" sometimes, and anything in the past can be "last day." His favorite color is brown, and he usually wants to color on brown construction paper with a brown marker. Fun times. He is even showing teenager traits already. When we ask him what he did today, he will always answer, "nothing." I don't know where he got that, but it sure has stuck.

The pictures do a pretty good job of telling the story of the last few months, so I will let them do the talking.


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