July 22, 2008

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by Christy

Nora is 1 month old today! Anders and Nora have been keeping us busy every moment of the day while the summer flies by. Nora is a little more difficult than I remember Anders as a baby. She has a fussy period every evening when it's tough to keep her content. We can usually get her to settle down and sleep by using the baby wrap (shown in the pictures--we usually now hold her right to our chest instead of the cradle hold shown in the pictures) or by just walking with her, but she requires constant motion to stay content or asleep during those times, and often other times during the day too. The wrap is wonderful because it really saves our back and arms, and she is snug and secure. She also seems to require either my gait exactly, or additional bouncing and patting while walking. We are burning some calories! She's also not one to start out with quiet complaining that progresses to a scream, she quite often just starts with the full-on screaming and we have to experiment until we find the solution. Thankfully, there usually is a solution that stops the crying, until she decides that there is indeed a problem again. As I've said before, she is opinionated. On the positive side, once she is asleep around our bedtime, she just wakes to eat and goes right back to sleep. We have even had a few 4 hour periods of sleep during the night. At least we get a bit of reward after all of our work in the evenings.

She has been spending more time awake and alert lately too, which is nice for socializing. She smiles occasionally, but it still takes a lot of work on our part to coax a smile out. She has also started to coo a bit, which is fun. Her current best friends are the black-framed mirror and black shelves in the corner over our couch in the living room. She is always fascinated by those and usually has a smile for them! She also likes light filtering in through the trees or the curtains. We are really looking forward to more social development and interaction.

Anders has been adjusting well, although he still misses pure mama-time occasionally. Overall, he has been helpful and patient this last week. One day I was changing Nora and asked him to get a white onesie out of a basket of baby clothes. He first handed me one that was too wide, then one that was long-sleeved, then one with other colors on it (didn't go with the rest of the outfit), then just a t-shirt, and finally at the bottom of the basket he found a plain white onesie. He just kept on trying instead of getting upset, which was so nice. When Nora cries, he sometimes puts his fingers in his ears and sings the ABCs, but other times he say "it's ok Nora, I'm here." He is very sweet to her. It helps that his imagination has taken off recently, because he can lose himself in play with his cars or trains for some time, although he still often asks for someone to play with him. Ted invested in our first big box of Legos recently, and the 2 of them have been enjoying them. It's fun to watch them play.

I will let the pictures tell the rest.