March 17, 2009

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by Christy

My goodness, time flies when you've got 2 kids. Nora is almost 9 months old now, and Anders is just 1 month shy of 4 years old. They are fun, exhausting, and everything in between. I picked some of the best photos from this year, just to get something posted because it has been far too long.

Nora is a crawling pro now and pulls up on everything, but isn't too interested in walking. She'd much rather drop down and crawl if she has to get somewhere. I like a practical girl. She is still opinionated and persistent. She knows what she wants, and will yell until she gets it. She also loves to laugh at Anders and especially enjoys the piano. She is an independent one. She will not eat from a spoon anymore, but wants to pick everything up and eat it herself. She's been the human vacuum cleaner the last few months, and we always have to be on guard for any little thing that she can pop in her mouth. She adores the water, both water babies class and taking a bath with Anders. The more he splashes, the more she laughs. She doesn't flinch when water hits her face. She's amazing.

Anders is growing into such a sweet 4 year old. The emotional eruptions of the 3 year old are giving way to much more negotiation and cooperation (although we did get a fair amount of that as a 3 year old too). His imagination has exploded recently, as has his vocabulary. He has an imaginary dragon that has been with us almost constantly for the last 10 days or so. As I understand it, this dragon is green and red, is from Texas, is huge but can make himself small and invisible when necessary, likes to eat many thing ranging from spaghetti to small animals, frequently messes up rooms and misplaces toys, is homesick sometimes, and luckily goes outside to go to the bathroom. He also flies, and takes Anders with him on most afternoons. It's fun to watch this rich imaginary world open up.

Anders has also shown interest lately in adding and sounding out words, which is a treat. We've been working on it a bit at home, and they are working on those things more at school too. He is enjoying school, and still sees his regular buddies whenever we can.

I know that there are so many cute stories about these guys, but the hour is late and the mama is tired. We will be posting more videos on our youtube page too, so look for them soon.