July 8, 2012

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by Ted

The weather has been warm and sunny in Corvallis, so we thought we'd head to the beach today. It's a bit more challenging with Nora's dietary restrictions; we have to pre-pack all of her food. But Christy did a great job calculating ahead how much fresh crab she could have, so we brought our scale and all of Nora's other side dishes. It went just fine.

Otherwise we have been enjoying the summer weather. Things are a bit more relaxed for me at work. I still have a lot to do, but my days are not so scheduled so I have more flexibility. I hear back on a very big proposal I submitted in May at the end of the month. And I have two conferences coming up back-to-back in a few weeks so things will get more hectic. But for now, and especially with Nora developing so nicely and her epilepsy being stable, this feels good. Our next appointment with the pediatric neurologist is next Friday.

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