July 13, 2012

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by Ted

We're back from a visit to Portland for the day. Our primary obligation was a meeting with Nora's neurologist. The short story is the Nora is doing very well. We have the OK to wean Nora of Depakote over the next week, and also her folic acid and carnitine supplements over the next few weeks. Nora's blood work was pretty good. Her blood is still a little bit on the acidic side, and she has a little too much Vitamin D. But the doctor didn't think we needed to change anything in her treatment as long as she was doing fine.

So we're excited about this, primarily because we revel in Nora's continued development and hopefully moving toward outgrowing her epilepsy. It also makes it a little easier for us to be able to simplify the 10 individual doses of supplements she receives over the day.

After her appointment, we went to the Oregon Zoo and spent a few hours there, then made an epic trek across town through rush hour traffic to exchange some things at IKEA. After that, we headed for a picnic dinner at a beautiful park and let the kids play for a few hours.

Sleep for everyone is well earned this evening.

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