Sep. 11, 2012

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by Ted

As a birthday present, our friends Mike and Cora took Anders and me bike camping. We went to a public park in the town of Brownsville, about 25 miles southeast of Corvallis . The bike ride was quite pretty; most of it covered sparsely used rural (but paved) roads. The ride was a little longer than I typically ride, but was still only 2.5 hours even with a few short breaks. I rode my main bike (Surly Crosscheck) and Anders on the trailer cycle.

It just so happened that weekend was also a church camp-out weekend. So as we crested the hill into the park, we were greeted with several dozen car-camping families, tents edge-to-edge, dogs barking, kids screaming. Definitely not the quiet camping along the river we were expecting. However, we did find a more quiet corner of the park, along with nice river access, and set up camp there. I presented Anders with two gifts: a locking jack-knife, and a slingshot. I had a knife and slingshot when I was a kid and had great fun with them. I thought Anders would enjoy them around the campsite, and in my mind, it was a sort of a coming-of-age milestone.

We had a fire and smores by the river, followed by a good night's sleep. In the morning we stopped by the Brownsville Saloon for a delicious calorie-rich breakfast. The ride home was swift and enjoyable. At one point we stopped by a railroad track crossing on a lonely country road and Anders launched rocks at fence posts.

Thanks for Mike and Cora for the lovely birthday gift, and to Anders for a being a good travel partner.

A few other odds and ends: I picked up a new cargo bike and Anders and I have started a Jiu Jitsu class. Some pictures of each are below. Jiu Jitsu has been fun; it's a good group of people. Anders is taking to it very well. I think it is great fun, but I promptly injured myself so I will have to sit out for a few sessions.

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