Oct. 7, 2012

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by Ted

There is not much to report outside of the pictures. We've had a good late summer and fall so far. Nora is continuing to do well. She had a blood draw last week and we have an appointment with her neurologist next Friday. We don't expect any big surprises, but we'll get the blood test results. Hopefully all of her vitals are fine.

In September, Christy went to The Charlie Foundation ketogenic therapy conference in Chicago (see http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/modifiedketogenicdietforepilepsy/). Grandma Margie came to visit to help out with the kids. It was fun. We biked around town and enjoyed the warm afternoon weather.

Anders and I are still doing Jiu Jitsu. I constantly have 3 or 4 parts of me that are sore, but it's in good fun. It's a real-time physical strategy game.

I also converted my bike to a fixed gear. Which means there is no freewheel (i.e., no coasting). It's just for fun. As you might guess it's a less practical arrangement for hilly areas, but for Corvallis, where most everything is flat, it's fine. Fixed gears have become a big hipster thing of late, but now that I have put a few miles on one, I do understand the appeal. There is a bit more of a "connected" feel to the road, particularly at slow to medium speeds. And you have to plan your decelerations a bit more because you have to push pack against the pedals to slow down. (I also have brakes too if I need to stop quickly.)

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