December 21, 2012

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By Ted

Winter drizzles on in Corvallis on this, the winter solstice and supposed Mayan end of the year. It's been especially dark, rainy, and cold recently but we've been busy with the usual winter activities: school, gearing up for the holiday, and watching various colds and illnesses cycle through the family.

Apart from the usual illnesses, we've been doing pretty well. Anders is bright and bursting with energy: vaulting off the furniture, punching and kicking the air, fighting off imaginary foes with his own sound effects. He's also been very interested in Pokemon; he gets Pokemon books from the library and shops for new cards at the comic book store.

Nora has been doing very well too. She continues to tolerate and accept her diet amazingly well, with the help of Christy's tireless efforts to prepare new recipes and keep things interesting for Nora. She is developing very well. She loves to sing, make up songs, and wrestle. She went with me to my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class the other day; we worked on a cross-collar choke. Things are going about as well for her as we could have hoped one year ago.

I've been busy at school, but in a fairly satisfying way, particularly in the last few weeks as I have been able to spend a good amount of time investigating some new research ideas. I am now preparing for my class next term. I have some new teaching approaches to try and am a bit apprehensive and curious about that. Christy has been doing well too and is happy to be done with her term. She takes two classes next term and continues to refine ideas for her PhD research.

Christmas pictures coming in the next entry!

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