January 1, 2013

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by Christy

I had a wonderful birthday, orchestrated by dear Ted. We started the day with our usual breakfast, while Ted put on some Elliott Brood for me and enjoyed a little dance in the kitchen. After a few errands around the house I opened my gifts. Ted bought me a "Geek Mom" book of projects to do with the kids, pajamas, a Sigur Ros t-shirt and another gift that is still on the way. I opened one gift early--the stand mixer of my dreams! I really did not expect to be so excited by a stand mixer! With the birthday money from our parents I bought passes for yoga classes that will last me a good part of the year. My sister sent me a beautiful amber necklace. Such thoughtful gifts and I appreciate them all.

In the afternoon we went ice skating for the first time since moving to Oregon. The nearest rink is in Eugene, about 1 hour drive. Both of the kids did great and had a lot of fun. Ted and I remembered what fun skating can be. Nora napped on the way home so she was ready for a late bedtime on new years eve!

In the evening we had a small gathering with friends: Michael, Mara, Mackenzie and Ian; Sarah, Brian, Atticus and Adine. We had a small dinner and the chocolate espresso torte that Ted made with Michael's help from Cora's recipe. The kids had my homemade chocolate chip ice cream; Nora had her keto-version which she has been pining for. Mmmm.

Ted set up the projector in Nora's room so the kids all piled on the bed and watched Adventure Time while we grown-ups played cards for a bit. At 9:00 we watched New York celebrate the new year and celebrated early so that we could get the kids to bed. A good ending to a wonderful birthday. Our whole day was a wonderful celebration of a new year. The best aspect was being surrounded by my family and good friends. We are starting to emerge into the fabled elementary-age with both kids, where they generally are more agreeable and thankful for their experiences (not universally, but I will not dwell on that!) We have had a very good winter break at home overall and are actually looking forward to being home together for the rest of this week. We might even go ice skating again!

Thanks to everyone for the sweet birthday wishes. I feel loved and supported by my big wonderful community. On to another year of challenges and triumphs. We wish you all the best in the coming year as well and look forward to seeing as many friends and family as possible this year.

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