April 7, 2013

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by Ted

Spring weather is moving in. The days are quickly getting longer, and the occasional sunny and warm day appears amidst the rain and clouds. We are doing well.

Anders is active and healthy and enjoys a myriad of activities including soccer, piano, and jiu-jitsu. He beat me at checkers recently, without a handicap. His 8th birthday is quickly approaching.

Nora is doing well. She is now over eleven months seizure free, and about sixteen months on dietary therapy if we count back to Dec. 2011 when we started restricting her carbs. She has been on our current 3.5:1 ratio for about eleven months. She is developing well and has been making strides lately in becoming a big kid. She gets more capable, independent, and reasonable (relatively) every day. I find myself starting to think more and more about what the end of the diet looks like as we head into the second year. We have one big piece of information coming in early June when she is scheduled to be genetically screened for a glucose transporter deficiency. She probably doesn't have that, but to have it ruled out, or confirmed, will be useful information. If she does have a deficiency there, she will need to be on a high-fat diet at least until she is a young adult.

Things are going well for me. Work gets intense in the spring with many students graduating and a few large proposals due. But I have a good work environment and good colleagues. Christy just finished an intense term at school along with all of our home activities, and is making good progress toward her degree. She is teaching this spring term.

We have had the pleasure of hosting some grandparents this spring also. Margie and Cliff came for a while in February, and Barb from Minneapolis came to visit a few weeks ago. Much fun was had and we appreciate their visits.

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