July 28, 2013

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by Ted

Summer is in full swing here in Corvallis. Both Nora (now 5) and Anders (now 8) have celebrated birthdays this spring.

Nora has blossomed into a delightful to-be-kindergartener. She will go to Garfield Elementary in the fall, which offers a full-day kindergarten with a dual-language Spanish immersion program. She has always loved language, soaking up all of the vocabulary she encounters, and sings in Spanish sounds after listening to Spanish-language music. We are so happy to give her this opportunity.

Anders will continue at Jefferson Elementary, going in to 3rd grade. He has been taking piano lessons for the past school year and loves playing and performing. He played soccer and baseball, enjoying both sports along with going to jiu jitsu classes with Ted. He's an all-round great kid.

Our biggest adventure has been moving into a new house! It is about 1 block from Garfield Elementary, which opened the door to Nora's enrollment there. It's a lovely 50's ranch with plenty of room for our family. We are in the midst of remodeling, but the bones of the house are strong and it has been well maintained. Everyone is happy, including our chickens who now have a large backyard with many hiding places. (Although they still enjoy pooping on the deck.)

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