PALSEA2 is a PAGES IGBP, INQUA working group focused on using past changes in sea level and Earth’s cryosphere to constrain future sea-level rise in response to climate change. It is a continuation of PALSEA1 that operated from 2008 to 2012.

The greatest uncertainty in projecting future sea-level rise lies in the responses of Earth’s remaining ice sheets. The observational period of sea level and ice sheet mass balance spans at best only the last century, at least partly exacerbating present uncertainty in future sea-level rise. In contrast, the geologic record provides valuable archives of how ice sheets and sea level have responded to past climate variability, particularly during periods of climate warming. The information contained in the geological record can therefore help assess the relationship between ice sheets, sea level and climate change, and provide a firm basis for projecting the future. This working group continues to bring together observational scientists and ice-sheet, climate and sea-level modelers in order to better define observational constraints on past sea-level rise and improve our understanding of ice-sheet responses to rapid climate change.


PALeo constraints on SEA level rise 2 (PALSEA2)