PALSEA 2015 Meeting

PALSEA2 2015 Meeting: “Data-Model Integration and Comparison”

22-24 July 2015

Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo

Conveners: Glenn Milne, Ayako Abe-Ouchi, Yusuke Yokoyama

Organizing Committee: Anders Carlson, Andrea Dutton, Antony Long, Glenn Milne

This third workshop of the PALeo constraints on SEA level rise 2 (PALSEA2) working group builds upon and complements previous workshops by focussing on the integration of data and models to better understand and constrain past changes in sea level, the cryosphere and climate with a primary aim to produce more accurate projections of future changes in ice extent and sea level. As in previous PALSEA2 workshops, a focus will be on data and modelling for past warm periods when ice extent was similar to or less than that at present (e.g. mid-Holocene, last interglacial, mid-Pliocene) with a key goal being to place improved constraints on the amplitudes and rates of sea level changes during such periods. However, data and model results for other periods are also of interest.

We encourage abstracts from colleagues who reconstruct changes in sea level, the cryosphere and climate from the geological record and/or apply models to interpret the observations and better understand the processes responsible for these changes. The format will follow that of previous workshops with the schedule being split into coherent sessions with a handful of presentations in each – ranging from overview talks that highlight areas of uncertainty and/or poor understanding to those that are more detailed and focus on a specific problem. Ample time will be allocated for discussion on key issues or topics of contention. The intention is to attract a group of researchers that have a diverse and complementary range of expertise covering field and modelling approaches relevant to quantifying and understanding environmental changes that link sea level, the cryosphere and climate.

The workshop is scheduled immediately before the INQUA congress in Nagoya (27 July to 2 August) which is only a few hours away by train, making it possible to attend both meetings during one trip to Japan. Some funds will be available to support the attendance of early career researchers.

Confirmed keynote speakers: Jacqueline Austermann (Harvard University), Jeremy Fyke (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Bette Otto-Bliesner (National Center for Atmospheric Research), Axel Timmermann (University of Hawaii).

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Meeting Program available here: PALSEA2_Tokyo_Program_revised.pdf

Meeting Abstracts available here: PALSEA2_Tokyo_Abstracts.pdf