PALSEA 2016 Meeting

PALSEA2 2016 Meeting: “Sea-level budgets at decadal to millennial timescales to bridge the paleo and instrumental records”

19-21 September 2016

Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood, Oregon

Convener: Anders Carlson

Organizing Committee: Anders Carlson, Andrea Dutton, Antony Long, Glenn Milne

This is for the fourth PALSEA2 workshop. The topic is on sea-level budgets and glacier/ice-sheet change at decadal to millennial timescales to bridge the paleo and instrumental records. The goal is to critically assess what information can be gleaned from paleo records and simulations during past warm periods that will provide clear insight into recent changes and future predictions. The workshop will consider the following timescales and what understanding their sources of sea-level change can provide for predicting our future: (i) the Common Era and mechanisms that give rise to 10’s of cm’s of sea-level change; (ii) the middle Holocene and sources of several m’s of sea-level change; and (iii) rates of sea-level change during the last and earlier interglaciations when global-mean sea level was higher than present.

We will encourage contributions that synthesize results in a broader context, integrate diverse methodologies and data sources, and identify paths towards reconciling existing datasets and/or filling gaps in our knowledge of past sea-level behavior, and the processes responsible for sea-level changes. The format will follow that of previous workshops with the schedule being split into coherent sessions with a handful of presentations in each – ranging from overview talks that highlight areas of uncertainty and/or poor understanding to those that are more detailed and focus on a specific problem. Ample time will be allocated for discussion on key issues or topics of contention. The intention is to attract a group of researchers that have a diverse and complementary range of expertise covering field and modelling approaches relevant to quantifying and understanding environmental changes that link sea level, the cryosphere and climate.

Confirmed keynote speakers: Leanne Wake (Northumbria University), Nick Golledge (Victoria University), Niamh Cahill (UMass-Amherst), Kristian Kjeldsen (University of Copenhagen), Erik Ivins (JPL, NASA), Roland Gehrels (University of York).

Schedule and abstracts: PALSEA2_OR2016_schedule.pdf

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