Sharyn Clough: OSU at the APA

(Pacific American Philosophical Association Meetings in Portland, March 2006)

Bill Uzgalis impresses upon James Farr the brilliance of Bill's position regarding Locke's racism.
(Ah, the racism of our intellectual heroes - such a nice easy topic for a Sunday morning. Note: in case of emergency the fire alarm is within reach.)
L-R: Robert Bernasconi, Anika Mann, James Farr, Bill Uzgalis.
Chair: Andrew Valls.

"Women's Choices: Family Matters in the Profession"
(Wait - this isn't real philosophy - this is about, you know - actual lives.)
L-R: Joanne Waugh, Sharyn Clough, Rebecca Kukla, Janet Kourany, Jean Keller. Chair: Rosemarie Tong

Who schedules the APA during finals? Ugh. Here's three brave students  who made it to Portland anyway, and lived to tell the tale.

L-R: Sophia Sansone, Shawn Kaltenberg, Mark Fillmore.
(Stephen Arthur also made it and gave a paper, too!)


How do you make David Horowitz' list of the 100 Most Dangerous Professors?

Tell the Truth, Think Critically, and Be Kind to Animals.

L-R: Chair, Joseph Orosco; Lani Roberts, Karen Bardsley, and Catherine Sherron.

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