The OSU Department of Philosophy

June 2009

fun fotos from the ceremony, below

And the winners are:

Peter C. List Award

for Excellence in the Study of Philosophy

Vanessa Brown

Manuel Pacheco Award

for Excellence in the Study of Diversity and Social Justice

DeeDee Overholser

Ron Clarke Book Award

Vanessa Brown

Dept. of Philosophy Service Award
Professors Clough and Blumenthal

Congratulations !

Ballloons? Check. Cupcake-Cake? Check.
General Merriment? Check.

  Say Cheese-y:
front: Professor Roberts, grad students Emil Rogers
and Jared Hyam
back: Professors Vogt and Orosco

Professors Campbell and Clough confer before the official proceedings get underway.

Grad student Luke Sugie is always nervous unless he's in drag :) Little does he know that by this time next year, he will have successfully defended his MA thesis, and will be off to the Dominican Republic as a member of the Peace Corps.


Professor Uzgalis gives us background on the
Ron Clarke Book Award...

... which he then presents to philosophy undergraduate Vanessa Brown.

Professor Roberts presents grad student DeeDee Overholser with the Manuel Pacheco award.

Professor Clough presents
Vanessa Brown with the most prestigious award of the ceremony - the Peter List award.

Professor Kaplan presents Professor Clough with her award for Service to the Department...

... and to Professor Blumenthal with his award for Service to the Department.

That's all for this year! Tune in for next time!

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