Sharyn's fotos from FEMMSS

The Association of Feminist Epistemologies, Methodologies,
Metaphysics and Science Studies

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A few fotos from the first meeting of FEMMSS
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Nov. 5-7, 2004 University of Washington, Seattle

Lynn Hankinson Nelson was the host and main organiser of the conference. Here she is at the opening reception with the one to whom we owe all, Sandra Harding.


Here I am with Marianne Janack (middle) and Nancy McHugh. Marianne shares my admiration of Richard Rorty's work. In fact her edited collection on Feminist Interpretations of Rorty, including a contribution from me, will be out in the fall of 2009.


Here's the feminist blogger-extraordinaire, Evelyn Brister, with Sharon Crasnow, both alums of the 2003 NEH seminar in Pittsburgh. Can you guess what colour Sharon's hair will be at the next FEMMSS? It's pretty exciting :)

Here I am trying to convince my colleagues that values are a matter of fact (!)


The lovely and talented Ann Garry, with energy to spare, on the last day of the conference, to her right the fabulous Phyllis Rooney, and to her right Mary-Margaret Fonow who would host the next FEMMSS in Arizona.

At the panel session dedicated to my book Beyond Epistemology, here I am with four brilliant commentators, Moira Howes, Elizabeth (Libby) Potter, Catherine (Cate) Hundleby (the organiser of the session), and Nancy McHugh (seated). 

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A few fotos from the second meeting of FEMMSS 

Feb. 8-10, 2007, in Tempe, AZ

At the opening plenary session, here I am with the ever-fabulous Alison Wylie (now editor of Hypatia) on my right, and on my left, amazing philosopher by day, carpenter by night, Libby Potter!

At Sharon Crasnow's session, we have L-R: Someone being strangled, perhaps by Lisa "I hate getting my picture taken" Heldke,  followed by Peg O'Connor and Marianne Janack :)

At the conference banquet, here's Alison with the always generous and incredibly prolific (!) Sandra Harding.

Fellow Canuck, Edrie Sobstyl,  Sharon Crasnow (with black hair - stunning!), and me, squeezed into a booth on the last night.


A trio of Canucks - me, Edrie and Cate Hundleby - even though they hate it, I make us pose like this every time we get together (see below for earlier shots - Oh yes I did!)

At the first FEMMSS conference Fall 2004

At the Feminism/Naturalism
conference in St. Louis, Fall 1999.
(Look how cute we were back then -
10 year ago as of this writing! and me with bare arms!
Who do I think I am? Michelle Obama?)


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A few fotos from the third meeting of FEMMSS
Mar. 19-21, 2009 in Columbia, SC

This is Lisa Johnson, Southern belle, queer epistemologist, pied piper of young philosophers, bath-house entrepeneur. We are now bffs. Buy her book: Jane Sexes It Up: True Confessions of Feminist Desire. (Feminist desire? Is there really such a thing? Who knew?!)


Here is Lisa (in the orange, of course) with one of her students to her left (Lindsay Harris, who presented on the opening day). Being kissed is the session chair, Yvonne Ivory. The kissee is one of the session presenters, Stacey Haney. These four are all from the University of South Carolina, Upstate - you might think that the USCU grrrrrlz were taking over, but hovering above is sister Canuck, Alexis Shotwell  - this year we Canucks were ubiquitous. More on the grrrrrrlz from the True North, Strong and Free, below.

Sarah Here's Sarah Richardson - she's a blur because she is always moving - she's one to watch, having just graduated from Stanford and now headed to U Mass. She wins best paper title for "Sexing the X: How the X became the female chromosome."

 The Canucks Take Over FEMMSS 3:

 Cate Hundleby

Letitia Meynell
Karen Houle

Alexis Shotwell
Carla Fehr (with honourary Canadians, Phyllis Rooney and Nancy McHugh)

And on the program, but not my camera: The magnificent Deboleena Roy

 Lorraine Code
... and Heidi Grasswick!
My apologies to the other Canucks on the program who I missed - come out, come out wherever you are!


Here's Nancy McHugh, and my fave gal pal Kristen Intemann
enjoying the sun of South Carolina.


Having crawled out from the pacific northwest
I am in shock; blinking in the sun - my eyes! My eyes!

Fabulous research assistant, tango dancer,
OSU honours scholar, Meghan Kahnle :)

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A few fotos from the fourth meeting of FEMMSS
May 09-11, 2012, College Park, PA

Here are two of my favourite feminist filosofers in action: Miriam Solomon (l) and Alessandra Tanesini (r). They're a blur!
I should have video'd them - it would have been like watching Sheldon and Raj
"working on theoretical physics"
only more fun (and important!).


Here I am with Nancy McHugh, pragmatist feminist extraordinaire. She organised the opening plenary session we were in together, along with Alessandra. Here's a link to our slides.

Trio And the trio "without whom not," Sharon Crasnow, Inmaculada de Melo-Martin, and Kristin Intemann: always inspiring each other and smiling :)


And later at dinner, Miriam and Kristen joined by the stunning Deboleena Roy, a great feminist scientist, Canadian, hilarious, charming. The whole package.


And here's Phyllis Rooney with the feminist scientist to watch for, Chelsea Parker, off to Wash U for a PhD in Immunology - go Chelsea! Way to make OSU proud :) Here's a copy of her slides from her presentation on feminist values and creation science.


Sister Canuck Cate Hundleby, and FEMMSS 2012 conference co-organiser, takes us home with a wrap-up plenary on feminism and informal logic. Check out the special issue of Informal Logic, Vol. 30, No. 3 that she and Phyllis Rooney co-edited: "Reasoning for Change."



A sunny airport goodbye with Sandra Harding, always more charitable and kind than she has any need to be. I am better for knowing her. Plus we both have backyard chickens and could talk about them for hours :)

Thanks to Cate Hundleby, Nancy McHugh, and Nancy Tuana for organising a great conference.
Looking forward to FEMMSS 5!

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A few fotos from the fifth meeting of FEMMSS
Aug. 10-13, 2014 Waterloo, ON

By fun coincidence, me and Sandra Harding met in the Chicago airport enroute from the westcoast to Waterloo. We'd both been up since very, very early that morning.

Lunchtime with the always engaging and engaged Heather Douglas and Sharon Crasnow.


Beautiful Letitia Meynell framed by the sun, and FEMMSS 5 program organizer, Cate Hundleby.

Moira Howes and Alexis Shotwell strike a pose!

I sometimes complain about travel times across the continent, but then Kristina Rolin, from Finland, and Agnes Kovacs from Hungary, force me to stop grumbling, plus they always make me smile.

Speaking of smiles, look at these two! Sarah Richardson showing Harvard how it's done, and Deboleena Roy, a brainy canuck (are there any other kinds? :) combining neuroscience and gender studies at Emory.

Cate Hundleby, Cato Clune-Taylor, and me at our Biology and Society panel.

Sari Van Anders, Stacey Ritz, and Zena Sharman,
Canadian all-stars preach
 sex, cells, hormones, and gender


Sandra and I, one more airport, almost home.

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