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My research examines the complex ways in which science and politics are interwoven, and the notions of objectivity that can be salvaged once this complexity is acknowledged. In my most recent work, I have been investigating the basic peace skills or peace literacy needed for deliberations about controversial science policies, such as those related to childhood vaccines and climate modeling. I also direct Phronesis Lab where I and a team of students and community partners design and test the effectiveness of Peace Literacy across the curriculum from K-12, as well as in adult and higher education.

PDF of full cv available here.
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Education/Professional Experience
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Ph.D. 1997 History and Philosophy of Science (interdisciplinary, between the Departments of Philosophy, History and Women's Studies),
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC.
M.A. 1989 Social Scientific Study of Religion, (Department of Religious Studies), University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.

B.A. (Hons.) 1987 Social Psychology (Department of Psychology), University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.


2015+ Full Professor, History, Philosophy, and Religion, Oregon State University.

Associate Professor, Dept of Philosophy, Oregon State University.

2003-2006, Assistant Professor, Dept of Philosophy, Oregon State University.
2002-2003, Research Fellow, Dept of Philosophy, University of Tennessee.

1998-2003, Assistant Professor, Dept of Philosophy & Religion, Rowan University.

1996 - 1998, Adjunct Professor, Dept of Philosophy, Le Moyne College, Syracuse.

1996 (Spring), Adjunct Professor, Dept of Philosophy, Hamilton College.

Areas of Research Specialisation:

Philosophy of Science 
Social Epistemology
Contemporary Pragmatism 
Peace Literacy
Science and Values
Feminist Theory

Areas of Teaching Competence:

Philosophy of Language/Mind
Philosophy of Bio/Medicine

Informal and Formal Logic

Philosophy and Religion

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Beyond Epistemology: A Pragmatist Approach to Feminist Science Studies. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield (2003).

Reviews of Beyond Epistemology have appeared in MetascienceWomen's Review of Books, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, Contemporary Pragmatism, National Women's Studies Association Journal, Querelles Net, Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy, Newsletter for the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy, the APA Newsletter for Feminism and Philosophy, and Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review. 

Edited Collection:

Siblings Under the Skin: Feminism, Social Justice and Analytic Philosophy. Aurora, Colorado: Davies Publishing (2003). The collection appears as part of the series Critical Studies in the Humanities, edited by Victor Taylor.

The collection has been reviewed in Philosophy of Science.

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Peer-reviewed Essays:

2017. (Second author, with Thomas Boothby). “Empiricist and Rationalist Approaches to the Design of Concrete Structures.” Journal of Preservation Technology Bulletin, vol. XLVIII (1): 6-14.

2016. ( Lead author with Julio Orozco, MA student). “Scientific Sexism and Racism.” In Nancy Naples, ed. The Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies. Wiley Blackwell. DOI: 10.1002/9781118663219.wbegss315

2015. “Fact/Value Holism, Feminist Philosophy, and Nazi Cancer Research.” Feminist Philosophical Quarterly, 1(1).

2015. (Lead author with Pam Allen, PhD student). “Philosophical Commitments, Empirical Evidence, and Theoretical Psychology.”Theory and Psychology, 25(1):3-24. Available 2014 doi:10.1177/0959354314563324. PDF.

2013. “The Objectivity of Feminist Values and Their Place in Science.” In La Contingenza dei Fatti e l'Oggettività dei Valori (The Contingency of Facts and the Objectivity of Values), ed. Giancarlo Marchetti. Milan: Mimesis Press.

2013. “Pragmatism and Embodiment as Resources for Feminist Interventions in Science.” Contemporary Pragmatism 10 (2): 121-134. PDF.

2012. “The Analytic Tradition, Radical (Feminist) Interpretation, and the Hygiene Hypothesis.” Out of the Shadows: Analytic Feminist Contributions to Traditional Philosophy, eds. Anita Superson and Sharon Crasnow. Oxford University Press, pp. 405-434. PDF

2011. “Gender, Germs and Dirt.” Science at the Frontiers: Perspectives in the History and Philosophy of Science, ed. Will Krieger. Lexington Press.

2011. “Radical Interpretation, Feminism, and Science.” In Dialogues with Davidson, ed. Jeffrey Malpas. MIT Press, pp. 405-426. PDF

2010. “Drawing Battle Lines and Choosing Bedfellows: Rorty, Relativism, and Feminist Strategy.” In Feminist Interpretations of Richard Rorty, ed. Marianne Janack, Penn State Press, pp 155-172. PDF.

2010. “Gender and the Hygiene Hypothesis.” Social Science & Medicine 72 (4): 486-493. PDF.

2008. “Solomon’s Empirical/Non-Empirical Distinction and the Proper Place of Values in Science.” Perspectives in Science 16 (3): 265-279. PDF.

2008. Co-authored with Bill Loges. “Racist Beliefs as Objectively False Value Judgments: A Philosophical and Social-Psychological Analysis.” The Journal of Social Philosophy 39 (1): 77–95. PDF.

2006. “On the Very Idea of a Feminist Epistemology of Science: Response to Commentators on Beyond Epistemology: A Pragmatist Approach to Feminist Science Studies.” Metascience 15: 27-37. PDF of commentaries and response.

2004. “Having It All: Naturalized Normativity in Feminist Science Studies.” Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy 19(1): 102-118. PDF

2003. Co-authored with Jonathan Kaplan. “Davidson and Wittgenstein on Knowledge, Communication and Social Justice.” In A House Divided: Analytic and Continental Philosophy, ed. Carlos Prado, Amherst: Humanities Press. PDF.

2002. “What is Menstruation For? On the Projectibility of Functional Predicates in Menstruation Research.” Studies in the History and Philosophy of the Biological and Biomedical Sciences 33(4): 719-732. PDF.

1999. Co-authored with Edrie Sobstyl. “Marking our Territory: Demarcation Debates in the Philosophy of Science and the Role of Feminist Science Criticism,” Pre/Text Electra(lite), vol. 2.1, an electronic journal special issue on Women, Science and Technology.

1998. “A Hasty Retreat from Evidence: The Recalcitrance of Relativism in Feminist Epistemology.” Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy 13(4): 88 -111. PDF.

Invited Essays:


2019. “Phronesis Lab: Practical Wisdom in The City.” In The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of the City, eds. S. Meagher, S. Noll, and J. Biehl, New York: Routledge, pp. 417-420.

2016. “C. Mantzavinos’, Explanatory Pluralism,” Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.

2016. “Nancy McHugh’s The Limits of Knowledge: Generating Pragmatist Feminist Cases for Situated Knowing.” Hypatia Reviews Online.

2013. “Feminist Theories of Evidence and Biomedical Research Communities: A Reply to Goldenberg.” Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 2 (12): 72-76.

2011. “Alexandra Shuford’s Feminist Epistemology and American Pragmatism: Dewey and Quine.” Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. (

2008. “Sandra Harding’s Science and Social Inequality.” Hypatia 23 (2): 197-201.

2007. “Lorraine Code’s Ecological Thinking: The Politics of Epistemic Location.” Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. (

2006. “Uses of Value Judgments in Science: Getting to the Point.” MIT Symposia on Gender, Race and Philosophy  2 (1): 1-6. (

2006. “Truth and Predication by Donald Davidson.” Newsletter for the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy, vol. 105, pp. 59-61.

2006. “Meta-Scrutiny: A Review of Pinnick, Koertge and Almeder’s Scrutinizing Feminist Epistemology.American Philosophical Association Newsletters 6 (1):11-13.

2004. “Joseph Rouse’s How Scientific Practices Matter.Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. (

2004. “On the Advancement of (Some) Women: A Review of Valian’s Why So Slow?Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy 19 (2): 150-151.

2004. “Mary Midgley’s The Myths We Live By.” Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. (

2003. “Re-valuing Rationality: A Review of Engendering Rationalities.” Speculative Philosophy 14 (4): 319-321.

2001. “Thinking Globally, Progressing Locally: Harding and Goonatilake on Global Science.” Social Epistemology 15 (4): 379-383. PDF

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1999. “Quine and Davidson at the World Congress of Philosophy.” American Philosophical Association Newsletters 99 (1): 57-58.

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