Sharyn Clough: Early Philosophical Mentors


With Professor Lynn Hankinson Nelson, post-dissertation defense, Simon Fraser University, June 1997. Lynn's work in the philosophy of science focuses on the links between Quine and feminist theory.  We met at a conference on women and science in Minneapolis in the spring of 1995. She is now professor emerita at the University of Washington, Seattle.


Here's Lynn Nelson with our colleagues  and sisters in the struggle, Alison Wylie, and Nancy Tuana, taken at the conference Feminism and Naturalism at the University of St. Louis/Missouri Sept. 25, 1999. 

              and Shari With Professor Bjorn Ramberg, post-dissertation defense, Simon Fraser University, June 1997. While reading Rorty in graduate school, it became clear that I had better understand Donald Davidson. Luckily for me, SFU had just hired Bjorn, an established Davidson scholar. Bjorn has since left SFU to follow his heart back home to Oslo. He proves that it is possible to take a critical, interdisciplinary approach to analytic philosophy and still survive, with wit, charm and grace, too. 

              Shari 2016 Just for fun, here's a more recent pic, this time celebrating the dissertation defense of one of Bjorn's students at the University of Oslo, Dec. 2016.

   This photo was also taken at the Feminism  and Naturalism conference, Sept. 25, 1999.  A better group of philosophy colleagues you could not hope to have. From L-R (back) Alison Wylie, Linda Nicholson, Joseph Rouse, Alison Jaggar, Nancy Tuana (front) Edrie Sobstyl, me, and Catherine Hundleby. (We three are all Canadian, as is Alison Wylie. Another Canadian, Richmond Campbell, was taking the photo, I think. We are taking over.  Slowly. When you least expect it... For a complete conspiracy theory on this point visit here.)


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