Sharyn Clough: Photo Album (1997-2006)


Ph.D., Graduation Ceremonies, Simon Fraser University, October 1997.  Sometimes, just knowing I was going to get this hat helped me through long, dark nights of dissertation writing. 

Experiencing physics envy, a common ailment among philosophers of science, expressed here with Rowan astrophysicists David Klassen and Eddie Guerra May 1999.

Birthday celebrations with Dianne Ashton, colleague and friend, May 2000. One of us just turned 35 and I bet you can't tell which.  Teaching 20 year olds every year will either keep us young, or drive us insane, or some combination of the two.


With Professor Wesley Salmon at the "Value-Free Science" conference, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Feb.23- 25, 2001. 

 With John Dupre, exhausted from too much philosophising, or something like that, also at the "Value-Free Science" conference.

Later that weekend... Who would have guessed that Birmingham, Alabama would have a great Thai restaurant? Helen Longino, Janet Kourany and I, pleased to no end with our culinary good fortune.

With Edrie Sobstyl, and Heather Douglas at the "Taking Nature Seriously" conference, University of Oregon, Eugene, March 2001.

Here's  Professor Miriam Solomon of Temple University looking resplendent at a  party celebrating the release of her new book Social Empiricism from MIT -- it's a must have!  Check it out here.

This was a happy encounter at a sad time - meeting philosopher Marcia Cavell at the Pacific APA in Pasadena, March 2004, at a memorial session for her husband Donald Davidson.

Also at the 2004 Pacific APA, the "Author Meets Critics" session dedicated to Helen Longino's book The Fateof Knowledge. L-R, Miriam Solomon, Alan Richardson, Helen Longino, Heather Douglas and Jordi Cat.

Later that same weekend... Janet Kourany and I continuing our tour of the Thai restaurants of America, with Miriam Solomon.

At the 2005 Pacific APA in San Francisco, Joe Rouse was the subject of an "Author Meets Critics" session for his book How Scientific Practices Matter (2002).

L-R Mark Lance, Karen Barad, Rebecca Kukla, Brian Cantwell-Smith, and Joe.

Joe enjoying a brief respite before the commentaries begin.  The session was excellent. You can read my own review of his book in The Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.

SWIP 06 Later in the spring I had the pleasure of visiting UCLA for the 2006 Pacific SWIP conference. Here I am with Ann Garry and Sharon Crasnow. The conference proceedings and papers are available here.


SWIP 06 Here's Sharon later that afternoon with the consistently generous Sandra Harding who served as one of the conference hosts.

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