Sharyn Clough: ISHSSB* 2007

*International Society for the History and Social Studies of Biology
Hosted by the University of Exeter

Nobody Inn

Thursday, July 26, a few of us got together for a dinner at the Nobody Inn, known for its amazing selection of whiskies. This proved to be an attractive feature as we recovered from the first day of the ISH Program.

The drive from the University dorms to the Inn was ably managed by a cabbie who should win some sort of award for negotiating the narrowest country roads, lined with 15 foot hedges, at speeds well over what seemed prudent, at least to me.

But then,
what do I know - no matter how much clotted creme I devour,
I remain a stranger to the ways of Devon. More on clotted creme, below.

Pictured left: Russell Gray of the tool-using-crow fame, me, Paul Griffiths, Karola Stotz, and Jonathan Kaplan.

The panel I was in on Friday.


Friday night Massimo Pigliucci (left), Jon and I (above), stumbled upon 24 and had a fabulous meal. Massimo particularly enjoyed his gelato.

Saturday brought a number of fun events, including an "Octavian" discussion about.... Lenny Moss and Massimo did their best to remain calm (ha!) in the midst of an odd debate about Kantian approaches to the philosophy of biology (really!). For me, Andrew Hamilton was the highlight. Afterwards we all debriefed over a beer. Here's Andrew (right, in pink) with Francisco.

Saturday night brought a banquet. At our table, Harry Potter was the hot-topic. Pictured left, Andrew and his daughter, Paul and Massimo.


Carol Cleland and Alan Love


John Dupre and Dick Burian


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