Sharyn Clough:

NEH Institute on Science and Values
in Pittsburgh, Summer 2003


Jon and I each won a fellowship to attend a National Endowment for the Humanities summer seminar organized by fellow philosophers Peter Machamer and Sandra Mitchell at the Center for Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh. Somewhere in between packing up the house in Knoxville and driving across the country to Oregon, we spent five fabulous weeks at the Cathedral of Learning (no, really!), read some great books, listened to some great lectures, and made some great friends.



Here's Peter Machamer with fellow participant Enya Plutynski.

And co-director Sandra Mitchell. 


A typical day begins.

Pittsburgh has a number of really good restaurants close to the University. Here's new friends, Evelyn Brister Sharon Crasnow and Kristen Intemann having lunch at a Korean restaurant.


We each gave a presentation of our own work.


Sandra Mitchell had organised a night out with the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Michael Blake came over from Boston for the weekend to take in the game.  It was great fun. A lot of bad food was consumed. There were fireworks. And Pittsburgh won!

Peter and his wife Barbara welcomed us in their home where Jon and Peter cooked up a feast. 

Here we are on the last night of the seminar, with some of our favourite grrrrls, and boyz. From R-L, Shari, Kristen, Inma, Sharon and Sandra.


 Along with Jonathan, Phillip, and Will. 

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