Skills and Outreach

Project management, grant writing, research methodologies, data collection and analysis

Excellent writing and communication skills

Fieldwork Experience

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  • Diving sampling and surveys
  • Mesocosm set up and maintenance
  • Radiotracking and telemetry: installation of devices and basic analysis of data
  • On board sampling in scientific cruises: bottom sampling dredges, fishing and plankton nets, traps, CTD, radiometer and trawling
  • Laboratory Experience

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  • Microbiome sampling in plants and herbivores
  • DNA extraction
  • Analysis of carbohydrates and phenolic compounds
  • Analysis of seagrass physiology (photosynthetic measurements)
  • Extraction of purification and quantification in HPLC, HRGC
  • Identification of benthic species
  • Diet analysis stomach content and feces
  • Outreach

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    I want to get people excited about science and in some cases to change misconceptions.

    I also like to share my knowledge and keep the public interested in what is going on.

    I want to share my passion for science and mostly my passion for the marine ecosystems.

    I have participated in science fairs and events and I am a scientist you can skype in the Skype-a-scientist program!

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