Mindy S. Crandall


Ph.D. Student in Applied Economics (anticipated completion Fall 2013)
Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant in the Department of
Forest Engineering, Resources, and Management
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon
mindy.crandall (at) oregonstate (dot) edu

Current Research

Educational Background

Areas of Academic Interest

Research Motivations

Why biomass...why now?
Oregon, like many other Western states with significant acreage in dry forest types, has millions of acres at risk of uncharacteristic wildfire, thanks to decades of fire suppression. The use of traditionally unmerchantable material - small-diameter trees, limbs, brush and bark - has the potential to benefit both forests and rural communities struggling with reduced timber harvest, mill shutdowns, and economic downturns.


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Teaching Experience

Instructor, FOR 331, Forest Resource Economics II (Winter 2013).

Teaching Assistant, FOR 331, Forest Resource Economics II, Winter 2011.

Teaching Assistant, FOR 111, Introduction to Foresty, Fall 2010.

Teaching Assistant, AREc 352, Environmental Economics and Policy, Spring 2002.

Service & Volunteering


2011-2012 DeLoach Distinguished Graduate Fellow in Economics.

2010 Vice-Provost's Award for Excellence in Innovation - Partnerships, for the Vital Tillamook Indicator Project. Oregon State University, Division of Outreach & Engagment. Jointly Awarded to Lena Etuk, Mindy Crandall, and Rob Emmanuel.