Honest Pint Project

The Honest Pint Project started in Portland, Oregon. For well over a decade, drinkers have known about the scourge of 'cheater pints' thanks to pioneering reporting done by Portland writer William Abernathy in the mid 1990s. He took a Pyrex measuring bowl into pubs, dumped his beer into it, and reported back that the then-ubiquitous 'shaker pint' glasses were in fact largely 14-ounce glasses.

In 2007, Jeff Alworth wrote about the cheater pint on his blog, Beervana, sparking a new round of indignation. He posted an online petition that garnered over 300 signatures in a matter of days demanding an honest pint. Members of the media picked up on the idea, and articles and stories have appeared on National Public Radio and the Wall Street Journal as well as a number of regional papers.

Honestpintproject.org was born in December 2008 as a way of bringing the project to a national audience.

About Jeff and Shawn

Jeff Alworth has been writing about beer since the late 1990s when he had columns in Portland's Willamette Week and in the Celebrator Beer News. He currently hosts the blog Beervana. Shawn Montague is a software engineer who designed and maintains the site. Both drink beer together in Portland, Oregon.

Open Source, Non-profit

The Honest Pint Project is designed to be an open-source effort by beer drinkers across the US. Although we assert our right to protect the rights to the Honest Pint Project, we hope to encourage pubs, restaurants, and glassware manufacturers to use it in promoting their compliance with its goals.