Honest Pint Project
STOP - SADLY WE DON'T DO THIS ANYMORE. It'd be great, but wow are there some legally tricky waters one wades into trying to do this. This information is for historical purposes only!

1. Measure the beer

The criteria for certification is simple: the pub must serve at least 16 fluid ounces for beers it labels 'pints.' If the glass holds more than 16 ounces, fantastic. For certification, though, it must serve at least 16 ounces. You have to confirm this by measuring.

2. Take a photo

An honest pint - 16 fluid ounces Next, take the measuring cup and the glass you measured to a distinctive place in the restaurant or pub (preferably to the bar). Take a photo. Important: Make sure the measuring cup holding the 16 fluid ounces is clearly visible in the photo, and that the line for 16 ounces is evident. You might actually mark your measuring cup so that 16 ounces is highlighted. Again, the photo should show the glass, the measuring cup, and distinctive part of the bar/restaurant.

The purpose of the photo is verification. Everyone familiar with the place should be able to instantly recognize it, and the measuring cup will confirm the amount in the beer. We don't imagine anyone would ever try to game the system, but if they did, we have a way of verification.

3. Send me the photo.

I'll post it, along with the restaurant listing, on this website. Send it to honestpint(AT)yahoo(DOT)com. Include the restaurant/pub's name, address, city, and ZIP.

4. Certification

I will send the restaurant/pub a letter confirming their certification as a Certified Purveyor of an Honest Pint.

5. Celebration

Hey, we've done a good thing here.