Honest Pint Project
In December 2007, Jeff Alworth established the Honest Pint Project. The intention of the project is to encourage public establishments to serve beer in glassware conspicuously marked or recognizably large enough to hold a full fluid pint (16 fluid ounces). I am the originator of the idea as well as the name 'Honest Pint Project.' I am furthermore the originator of the concept of 'honest pint' in connection to the concept of a glass containing a full 16 fluid ounces.

Therefore, as the originator of the Honest Pint Project, I hereby establish my right of ownership of this mark. I assert ownership of the Honest Pint Project and its derivatives: the logo for the project and the phrase 'honest pint' as it pertains to this project.

While I assert exclusive right to the use of 'Honest Pint Project,' 'Honest Pint,' and the logo, it is not my intention to restrict the use of these ideas when promoting products or services in accord with the intention of the project. However, I do assert my right to prevent restriction of the use of these ideas, names, and logos by other entities, partnerships, corporations, or people.

This mark is available for free use by anyone using it to designate glassware conspicuously marked as containing 16 fluid ounces, or to promote establishments serving beer in conspicuously marked or recognizable glassware in accordance with the intentions of the Honest Pint Project.