MTH 254: Vector Calculus I
(Lecture Sections 010 & 020 only)
Fall 2010

Tevian Dray
Tevian's schedule Office hours: MWF 11:15–11:45 AM & MW 2:30–3:30 PM in Kidder 298A and by appt
Phone: (541) 737-5159
Email: tevian at math dot oregonstate dot edu

Don Hickethier (Recitation Sections 011–013 and 023)
Office hours: Tu 1:30–3:30 PM in Kidder 320, M 12–1 PM & W 12–2 PM in the MLC (Kidder 108), and by appt
Carrie Manore (Recitation Sections 021–022)
Office hours: W 1–2 PM in Kidder 282d, Th 12–1 PM in the MLC (Kidder 108), and by appt

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Section 010: MWF 9 AM in Owen 101
Section 020: MWF 10 AM in Owen 101
Section 011:   R 8:00-8:50  AM in Rog 332
Section 012:   R 9:00-9:50  AM in Rog 332
Section 013:   R 10:00-10:50  AM in Kear 124
Section 021:   R 9:00-19:50  AM in Wlkn 231
Section 022:   R 10:00-10:50  AM in Hov 202
Section 023:   R 11:00-11:50  AM in GbAd 103
Midterm: F 5 Nov in class
Final: M 6 Dec, 7:30–9:20 AM in Wngr 153 (010) & Peavy 130 (020)
Briggs and Cochran, Multivariable Calculus, 1st edition
Parks, MTH 254 Study Guide
Check the website frequently for announcements.
Prerequisite:   MTH 252: Integral Calculus
You must be comfortable with (ordinary) derivatives and (single) integrals in order to do well in the course. If you are rusty, it is highly recommended that you review this material now.
You should try several of the Review Questions and Basic Skills questions at the end of each section of the text as soon as possible after the corresponding lecture. These problems will not be graded, and should not be turned in. A few problems will be assigned each week; bring your written solutions to the next recitation, where they will count towards your overall lab grade. Get help immediately if you have trouble.
Most weeks during the recitation period, there will be a small group activity, which will then need to be written up individually and turned in promptly, usually the next day.
Calculators will not be allowed on the midterms or the final. Their use is permitted on the labs and homework, although all of the problems can be solved without one.
Getting Help:
Help can be obtained from several sources. There will usually be some time in recitation to ask questions of your TA, and I am (usually) available right before and after class. But the best way to get answers to your questions is to come to our regular office hours. Appointments can also be made at other times, and you can reach us by email. It is important to get help early if you are having difficulty, especially if you're so stuck that you don't feel able to ask intelligent questions.
Mathematics Learning Center:
The Mathematics Learning Center (MLC) provides drop-in help for all lower division mathematics courses, although not everybody there is good at vector calculus. The MLC is located on the ground floor of Kidder Hall (Kidder 108), and is normally open M–F from 9 AM to 4 PM, from the second week of term through Dead Week (Week 10).
Students with Disabilities:
Accommodations are collaborative efforts between students, faculty and Disability Access Services (DAS). Students with accommodations approved through DAS should contact me prior to or during the first week of the term to discuss accommodations. Students who believe they are eligible for accommodations but who have not yet obtained approval through DAS should contact DAS immediately. Further information is available on the DAS website.

tevian at math dot oregonstate dot edu