MTH 254H: Vector Calculus I
(Honors College section 001 only)
Fall 2016

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Tevian Dray
Tevian's schedule Office hours: M 10:30–11:30 AM and MW 1–1:30 PM in Kidder 298A (and by appt)
Phone: (541) 737-5159
Email: tevian at math dot oregonstate dot edu
Class Meetings:
MWF 2–3:20 PM in LInC 343
Midterm: W 26 Oct in class
Final: M 5 Dec 9:30–11:20 AM in Gilm 234
Tevian Dray & Corinne A. Manogue, The Geometry of Vector Calculus
Read this note about the text materials used in this course.
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Prerequisite:   MTH 252: Integral Calculus
You must be comfortable with ordinary differentiation and integration, as well as basic algebra and trigonometry, in order to do well in the course. If you are rusty, it is highly recommended that you review this material now.
Course Structure:
The approach to vector calculus used in this course emphasizes geometric visualization, not just algebraic manipulation. This approach has been developed as part of a national effort to improve the teaching of vector calculus. Further information can be found on the project website. A partial list of course goals can be found here, which address the official MTH 254 Learning Outcomes. A description of the grading policy can be found here.
The course will consist of a combination of lectures, group activities, homework and exams. Expect group activities at least once a week; ditto for assigned homework.
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Students with Disabilities:
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tevian at math dot oregonstate dot edu