MTH 435/535: Differential Geometry
Spring 2020

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Disclaimer: All syllabus details are subject to change given the rapidly evolving status of the coronavirus crisis.

Tevian Dray
Tevian's schedule Office hours: MF 11–11:45 AM (and by appt) via Zoom
Phone: (541) 737-5159
Email: tevian at math dot oregonstate dot edu
Class Meetings:
MWF 3–3:50 PM via Zoom
Zoom: All class sessions and office hours will be conducted via Zoom. Further details will be available via Canvas.
Gradescope: All assignments are to be submitted via Gradescope. Further details will be available via Canvas.
Canvas: This is the course website. Canvas will be used only to facilitate Zoom and Gradescope.
Barrett O'Neill, Elementary Differential Geometry
Web Site:
Check the announcements page frequently.
Course Evaluation:
There will be (roughly) weekly homework. There will be no exams.
Course Description:
This course continues the traditional introduction to curves and surfaces in 3-dimensional Euclidean space begun in MTH 434/534. Additional topics may be covered if time permits. A partial list of course goals can be found here.
This course does not cover general relativity, which is taught in MTH 437/537 (scheduled to run in Spring 2021).
The prerequisite for MTH 435 is MTH 434, preferably taken during Winter 2020. If you believe you have equivalent knowledge acquired in some other way, please contact the instructor.
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Due to the rapid and unprecedented switch to remote education, it may be necessary to make changes to the syllabus throughout the term. Modes of delivery, assessment methods, communication preferences, or other course items might change if we discover the technology does not meet our needs or better ideas emerge. Ample notice will be provided to the extent possible, but students are responsible for checking email regularly and for accommodating course changes.

tevian at math dot oregonstate dot edu