Past Courses

  • MATH 341: Linear Algebra 1
    This is the study of linear systems of equations, vector spaces, and linear transformations. Solving systems of linear equations is a basic tool of many mathematical procedures used for solving problems in science and engineering. This course helps the students become competent in solving linear equations, performing matrix algebra, calculating determinants, and finding eigenvalues and eigenvectors. On the theoretical side, the student will come to understand a matrix as a linear transformations relative to a basis of a vector space.
  • Textbook: A first course in Linear Algebra by Lyryx Learning based on the original text by K. Kuttler, version 2017.

Graduate Teaching Assistant (2014 - 2015)

  • Introduction to Applied Statistics II, Winter 2014
  • Statistics I (online), Winter 2014
  • Probability, Fall 2015
  • Statistics, Fall 2015