MTH 341:Linear Algebra
Winter 2019

There are two instructors for this course

Dr. Blessing Emerenini
Office: Kidder 306
Phone: 541-737-8394
Office Hours: Mon. & Fri. 11:00am - 12:00pm, by appointment or MLC Wed. 11:00am -12.00pm,

(2) Dr. Dan Rockwell
Office: Kidder 292
Phone: 541-737-0517
Office Hours: Mon. & Wed. 3:00pm - 4:00pm, by appointment or MLC Fri. 3.00pm-4.00pm

  • Time/Classroom: 2:00 pm - 2:50pm MWF Kearney Hall 112

  • Course syllabus:: download pdf
  • Required Textbook :: download pdf
  • Course Description: Matrix Algebra, determinants, systems of linear equations, subspaces, an introductory study of eigenvalues and eigenvectors
  • Course Learning Outcomes: A successful student in MTH 341 will be able to:
    1. Use Gaussian elimination to determine the solution set of a system of linear equations, and describe the solution set.
    2. Perform matrix operations, including finding the inverse or showing no inverse exists for a square matrix.
    3. Calculate determinants of square matrices and apply properties of determinants to draw conclusions about solution sets of linear equations and invertibility of matrices.
    4. Find and use the matrix representation of a linear transformation associated to the standard basis in Euclidean space Rn .
    5. Use the definition to determine whether a subset of Rn is a subspace.
    6. Determine if a collection of vectors is linearly independent or dependent, and find the span of a set of vectors.
    7. Use the rank-nullity theorem to draw conclusions about solution sets to linear systems and the invertibility status of square matrices.
    8. Determine a basis for and the dimension of a given subspace, including the null space and column space of a matrix and the eigenspaces of square matrices.

  • Prerequisites: Completion of MTH 254 or MTH 254H with C- or better

  • Reading Assignments: Look at the Calendar for sections covered during each lecture, postings, due dates for assignments, exam and review dates, and other information.
    NOTE: While it may not be stated explicitly each day, students are expected to read each section to be covered before class. Students are responsible for any material missed due to absence.

  • Topics covered:
    • Solving systems of linear equations by Gaussian Elimination.
    • Matrix operations, conditions for invertibility
    • Determinants.
    • Definition of linear transformation and its connection with matrices
    • Subspaces of Rn , linear independence, span, basis, and dimension .
    • Row space, column space, null space, rank-nullity theorem
    • Eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

  • Links:

    • PowerPoint Slides
      Remark:The slides are not substitutes for class, the in-class lessons will not be a verbatim of the PowerPoint slides, in order words, the examples and exercises may differ. (Please take note!!!)

    • Homework

  • Course Grading and Related Policies The course grade is based on group activity, in-class quizes, written homework assignments, a midterm and a final exam.

  • Percentage Distribution: Total: (100%)

  • Group Activity Worksheet: (15%)
    This is intended to give you a heads up of what the day's lesson will be. Everyone is expected to be part of this and so will be used as a means of ensuring student's attendance. The worksheets for the lessons will be posted on Canvas along side with some powerpoint slides which is intended to help students prepare for the class.

  • In Class Quizzes: (10%)
    Quizzes are a great way for the student to have an examination of their abilities in a lower value assignment than the exams. This allows the student to make mistakes in a similar to exam scenario. Most weeks there will be a quiz that takes place in class. The quiz will cover the material covered the previous week.

  • Homework Assignments (15%):
    The weekly (written) homework assignments will give you low stakes practice on problems that pertain to the material we have been reading and working on in class. This is due Fridays by 11:59PM PST as a PDF on canvas. The work can be hand written and scanned, or typeset.Turn in what you have completed by the due date. Figure out how you are going to scan your homework before the due date. It is possible to turn in the homework before the due date. Late homework is not accepted.

  • Midterm (25%):
    The midterm exam will be given on a Friday (please check the Calendar ), in Kearney Hall 112 from 2:00-2:50 pm. There will be no makeup exams. Books, notes, or graphing/programmable calculators will NOT be allowed on exams. Exam problems will (mostly) be similar to problems from the homework assignments, quizzes and based on lecture notes.

  • Final (35%):
    A comprehensive final exam will be given on Friday March 22nd at 7:30 am in Kearney Hall 112 (please check the Calendar ) .
    Note 1: The final exams date/time/venue are NOT within my control, hence there could be some changes at some point, but we will keep you posted if there is any change in date, time or venue. Meanwhile, Scheduling conflicts with the final exam must be resolved in advance. Please see the university guidelines for Student Petitions to Change the Time of a Final Examination.
    Note 2:There will be no makeup exams. Books, notes, or graphing/programmable calculators will NOT be allowed on exams. Exam problems will (mostly) be similar to homework problems, quizzes and based on lecture notes.

  • Grade Scale (by percentage):Final grades for this class will be given based on the scale below. Each letter grade below corresponds to grades scored between the lower limit (including) and less than the upper limit (excluding).
    A 90 - 100%
    A- 87 - 90%
    B+ 84 - 87%
    B 80 - 84%
    B- 77 - 80%
    C+ 74 - 77%
    C 70 - 74%
    C- 67 - 70%
    D+ 64 - 67%
    D 60 - 64%
    D- 57 - 60%
    F below 57%

  • Getting Help: Short questions can be asked during class. Longer questions should be asked during regular office hours. Appointments can also be made at other times, and you can reach me by email. Help is also available at the Mathematics Learning Center (MLC) which provides drop-in help for all lower division mathematics courses. The MLC is located on the ground floor of Kidder Hall (Kidder 108). It is open for the Winter term from the begining of Winter 2019 through the end of dead week. Time/Days: 9am to 5 pm (Mon. - Thur.) , 9am to 4pm (Fri), Evening hours: 7pm - 10pm (Sun-Thurs.)

  • Contacting Dr. Blessing Emerenini: The best way to contact me is via email. Best place/time to see me for questions is in my office during office hours. If you are unable to make it to office hours you may email your questions to me or setup an appointment by email. You can expect a response within 24 hours.

  • Student Conduct Policies and Cheating Policy: We have a zero tolerance policy for cheating. All suspected cheating will be reported to the appropriate office, usually the Dean of your College. Provable cases of cheating will also result in a score of 0 on the assignment in question, and may lead to a grade of F in the class. This is highly detrimental to any long term career goals. It also will make it difficult for the student to obtain letters of recommendation. Please consult the OSU Student Conduct and Community Standards page.

  • Special arrangements: Accommodations for students with disabilities are determined and approved by Disability Access Services (DAS). If you, as a student, believe you are eligible for accommodations but have not obtained approval please contact DAS immediately at 541-737-4098 or at Disability Access Services. DAS notifies students and faculty members of approved academic accommodations and coordinates implementation of those accommodations. While not required, students and faculty members are encouraged to discuss details of the implementation of individual accommodations.

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