I value the opportunity to help students think actively about the way we share concepts of ecology, policy, and management with those outside academia.

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                     Kirsten Grorud-Colvert

                        Department of Integrative Biology

                        Oregon State University

                        3029 Cordley Hall

                        Corvallis, OR 97331

Photo credits: D. Pinkard, J. Sapp

Ecology: BI370

Ecology is an ever-changing field that encompasses all aspects of our lives and the ecosystems in which we live. My goal is for my students to walk away with an understanding of the interactions between organisms (humans included) and their environment at scales ranging from populations to communities to the entire biosphere.

By applying concepts learned in this class, students will be able to 1) describe abiotic and biotic factors affecting organisms in diverse ecosystems around the globe, 2) explain how dynamic processes lead to differences in biodiversity across space and time, 3) use mathematical reasoning to investigate the growth of populations and the effects of species interactions on those populations, 4) discuss the implications of climate change for ecological communities, 5) identify anthropogenic impacts that are currently leading to altered ecosystems, and 6) synthesize these topics in order to effectively participate in real-world management conversations.

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