Avignon, France 2009

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I recently graduated from OSU. I am now working full time at Systema-USA a semiconductor tool integrator.

Thank you for checking out my site. I was a MS student in the EECS department at OSU. My research work was focused around the fast paced world of Mass Spectrometry (MS). I worked under Dr. Voinov in the Anyaltical Chemistry Department. There I perform the duties as a Research Assistant in the development of MS instruments. This involves precision Analog circuitry and filter design, as well as, digital signal processing and database information mining.

In Addition, I worked under Dr. Raich in the EECS department. There I was part of the DSP team and take part in digital estimation and signal processing techniques.

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Updated 03/07/2014

Research Related

* Looking into a open source Statistical Processing Control Application (Side Project)

Personal Related

* Working full-time at Systema.GmbH.