GEOLOGY 489/589: The Role of Fluids in Geologic Processes

Spring Term, 2002

Reading Assignments to mid-May, 2002 (projected)

Reading Assignments


Wood, W., Fluxes: A new paradigm in geologic education?, Ground Water, 35(1), 1, 1997. Hand-out first day of class.


Ingebritsen & Sanford, Groundwater in Geologic Processes

Chapter 1 (all)
Ch. 2 (p. 35-42, 45-57)
Ch. 3 (p. 69-95, excluding sections 3.1.6 and 3.7)
Ch. 4 (all)
Ch. 8 (p. 215 - 234)
Ch. 6 (all)

Ingebritsen & Manning, Geological implications of a permeability-depth curve for the continental crust, Geology, 27(12), 1107-1110, 1999.


Bredehoeft, Wesley, & Fouch, Simulations of the origin of fluid pressure, fracture generation, and the movement of fluids in the Uinta Basin, Utah, AAPG Bulletin, 78(11), 1994. (On Reserve)

p. 1729-1747

Gupta, Janssen & Kailasam, Pore pressure studies initiated in area of reservoir-induced earthquakes in India, Eos, 81(14), 2000.

All (2 pgs.)

Gvirtzman et al., Thermal anomalies associated with forced and free ground-water convection in the Dead Sea rift valley, GSA Bulletin, 109(9)

p. 1167-1176


Assignment 1

This is largely a review of groundwater flow, but geared toward some of the problems and understanding we will use this quarter.

Assignment 2

In this assignment, you will be using a code, HYDROTHERM 2D, put together as a GUI by Paul Hsieh at the USGS. This program will allow you to develop a finite element model describing topographically driven groundwater flow, and will later allow you to investigate heat flow in more detail.

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