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Marine Phycologist



Oregon State University @ WED/PCEB

U. S.  Environmental Protection Agency

2111 S. E. Marine Science Drive

Newport, Oregon 97365-5260 USA




Lab, (541) 867-5012.  Home, (541) 265-4061.



(541) 867-4049 (attention G. Hansen)


E-mail:  Hansen.Gayle@EPA.gov 




      Please select one of the following:


1.  1994/1995 Regulations for Seaweed Harvesting on the West Coast of North America.  (For current regulations, refer to the Oregon Parks and Recreation Report -- Hillmann 2005)

2.  A Revised Checklist and Preliminary Assessment of the Macrobenthic Marine Algae and Seagrasses of Oregon.  1997.  (Note the checklist and appendices are in #3 below).

3.  The 1997 Oregon Checklist and Appendices.

4.  An Updated Checklist of the Seaweeds and Seagrasses of Oregon.  (TBA)

5.  Oregon's Seaweeds and Seagrasses: an ongoing survey of the herbarium records of occurrence and distribution.  DRAFT Website.

6.  The Marine Algae of Alaska.  Preliminary DRAFT Website.


Corrections or comments on the nomenclature and taxonomy of the species and any additions to the checklist and/or database from curated collections are welcomed and will be acknowledged.  Please send your information to me at the e-mail address above.